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with a glut of cucumbers chillies tomatoes celery carrots and garlic and sick of salads!  and the days are hot  - cold home made all from the garden gazpacho except the olive oil ! !!! breakie lunch and dinner -YUM just made 6 litres more and some of its  in the freezer ready for dinner tonight ! 

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Yum, I can never get sick of salads.  You will be happy you froze some for later. 

We are still busy planting more trees in wicking bins and have pulled up some stratco garden beds, they weren't very successful not high enough.  How is your water supply going Mary-Ann, we have one empty tank and the other 1/2 full.  

what did you do with the garden beds? - the tanks are still 85% full - just had another shower of rain and there is more coming ! 

Not sure what Ian is doing with them, they are too low for wicking properly.  We have replaced them with 2 blue 100 L bins (wicking) in their place.  They handle most shrubs and small trees. We have topped our bins with soil and mulch, hard work in this heat. 

Can relate. The above-ground beds we converted to wicking beds are really not deep enough to grow anything bigger than Lettuces and Tomatoes. The depth of the reservoir is the limiting factor. Allowing one third for reservoir does not give much depth to the planting area either. We've got what we've got and knowing their limitations, I work with them because the alternative is too physical a job for we old boilers. It was tough enough when we were nearly 10 years younger. Just need to refill the reservoirs more frequently, that's life.

Exactly Elaine, we were lucky to have about an inch reservoir. You are a marvellous couple of boilers full of information on gardening. You must be feeling the heat the last couple of days, I know we are.

Ve haf our vays of dealing with ze heat ;-) Thermal curtains closed early in the day, keeps out a lot of heat but allows some fresh air in. Skylight in the bathroom allows a lot of heat in but keeping the door shut confines the heat to that room.

Ceiling fans in each room plus 3 box fans on the floor, going flat out. Frozen blocks in a hand towel on the skin help a lot as does plenty of cold water.

Thirty-two deg C in the house, 38 deg C on the back patio under an insulated roof. No idea what the temperature is direct in the sun. Weather Bureau temps are always in the shade in a contrivance known as a Stevens/sons Screen.

Fully watered all the gardens but even so some plants are wilting, they will pick up when it's cooler but that sort of stress stops the plants from growing but at least doesn't kill them.

I am staying in a house with broken air con and one pedestal fan, which I keep with me in the bedroom, where I hang out pretty much all the time when home.

One more week of this to go :/ The last house was wonderful and had a pool.

Not that this has anything whatsoever to do with tomato sauce...

I was up on the veranda roof gurneying today -- washing off the build up of bacteria and deritrius from so long when.

My hypothesis was that if I brought up the corrugated white underneath, the solar heat would be reflected back from whence it came. My domestic other won't let me insulate the underside with foil insulation but it turns out the roof was filthy -- FILTHY! -- so mine was a day under the hose and above the house  well spent.

We now shine unto the heavens to welcome Santa.

And I live to tell the tale...having not fallen nor fried.

My daughter gave me a thermometer for Xmas which records the heat in two places at once so I know what under-the veranda means...2-4 degrees different from inside the house depending on the time of day.

Given this heat I've been wondering what more I could do short of aircon. So I've added indoor versions of ferns and aloe vera to my workstation area. It turns out that the aloes and mother-in-laws' tongue do cool a room. Ferns too by adding to the transpiration in the vicinity.  Other advantages are in play such as absorbing toxic gases like formaldehyde.

Since I'm not so sedentary throughout each day -- except in siesta mode -- I do recommend the Neck Tie Cooler. I've been wearing one around my head and another around my neck.

Straight out of the freezer...brain freeze!

These things work.

Also we have a small (5,000 litres) shaded pool. (Did I say it was shaded?) Been in and out several times this day and will plunge forth again this evening.

We thought of going to the beach today but...this weather unless you pick your spot with care (aside from the hot ouch! ouch! sand issue) the water is often too warm to cool off.

With the wind: sand bites!

But the other day...t'was magic:

Our regular beach -- secretly located -- inside Moreton Bay can produce very warm  water to bath in. and here along the Beachmere Coast is so shallow that  the waters warm up a lot under these conditions.But then so too do UNSHADED pools.

So I'm off for a dip now despite the wind...

Last time went to Aldi they had portable air conditioner seemed to be very powerful and cheap  and good warranty one of these may be worth looking at .

Thanks Jeff, but not my call. I'm just house sitting for these folk until they come home. Then I move on to the next house.

we bought a portable swamp cooler - yes it has been too humid to work - but this one has a tray for ice so an $80 cooler from Bunnings and a $3 block of ice lasts two days and my it is icy air that is emitted - got it for our Canadian visitors so may as well use it ! feed the chooks a packet of froozen peas yesterday - they loved that ! 

Cooling breeze at evening dropped temperature by at least 8 deg C.


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