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When is the growing season in Brisbane  the heat,rain  and humidity  in summer would seem to be the major factor  and in winter frost . Where i am does not get frost  but considering the height of potato plants they could be covered in frost areas.

The other thing is planting material seed potatoes are too expensive in Brisbane .

There are the different types of potatoes  10 - 20 weeks to maturity so if planted  now the 20 week potatoes would be in the start of summer .

There seems to be a lack of local information on potato growing in Brisbane.

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Jeff did you search this site? There's been lots of posts about Potatoes, many BLFers grow them. Similar to Garlic, plant in May and expect to harvest in Sept-Oct.

Seed Potatoes? Yes well they are exxy. Nothing wrong with using the ones from the shops especially if they are organic they will shoot more readily than the conventional ones sprayed with goodness-knows-what to stop them sprouting. Woolies sell some organic produce, could be a good place to start although it is cutting it fine with the onset of warm weather.

I recall Scarlett (the originator of this site) comparing the harvest from Potatoes grown in Brisbane to those grown in her part of Victoria: virtually no comparison, a couple of kilos vs buckets of them from down south.

For best results plant April to August. One of the easiest winter crops to grow in Brisbane. Check out Annette McFarlane's planting calendar if you are not sure.

See my recent blog re growing Kipflers and Sebegos.

Jeff - have a look at THIS REPORT on potato growing, might be of some help.

Yes can find information by doing a search  but you need more words  then  potato  as that also brings up sweet potato .Where i am does not get cold enough to worry potatoes growing  but if planted too early extreme wet and humidity would be the problem have planted in April  but think depends on rain fall  and in spring potatoes need to develop before hot weather starts  planted late last year under a tree to see if could grow seed potatoes for next season and hot wet week killed the plants.Lockyer Valley they say can start  planting  in Febuary. they may have less humidity and rainfall then Brisbane.


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