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Elaine need yours and anyone elses help - big discussion going on on another gardening group facebook page ( very animated) but confusing - what is the difference between a marrow a squash a pumpkin, a gourd  and a zucchini ... my understanding is your ideas depend on where and or by whom you were brought up ! 

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List of gourds and squashes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This list of gourds and squashes provides an alphabetical list of (mostly edible) varieties (cultivars) of the plant genus Cucurbita L., commonly called gourds, squashes (or marrows), pumpkins and zucchinis/courgettes. Common names can differ by location. The varieties included below are members of the following species:


so basically the names are interchangeable !  Thanks Dave for the info ! 

Some people refer to Pumpkins as Squashes too just to confuse everyone. The family hybridize with alacrity. You mentioned growing a lot of similar veges come summer Mary-Ann. I foresee a lot of cross-bred seeds. No bad thing, that's where variety comes from. But were you intending to save your own seed, could be a problem. There are distances of separation between members of the same botanical family, the Seed Savers Handbook has this info and there's bound to be lots more info on the net. Usage and education play a part in what plant is called what! Some people consider Tromboncino a Zucchini; take your pick! The list Dave gives is very helpful.

And by bye, a 'fruit' is anything with seeds or potential for seeds; a vegetable is other plant parts not including the ovaries. And the L after a botanical name refers to Carl Linnaeus the 'father' of binomial botanical naming. Other people who described species are quoted too in an abbreviated form.

By the bye :-\



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