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This is my first year growing vegetables and would love to know what you will be growing, especially interested if you have grown them successfully in the past in this climate (or similar). I learned last winter that the seed packets are not to be trusted when my tomatoes grew like weeds despite the season!

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Thanks Chris! 2-3 weeks should be enough time for the beds to settle down before planting.
We are thinking of adding some river sand to one of the earliest bed we put in - very loamy, tends to get muddy in rain, has anyone done this?We dug in lots of composted grass clippings on the weekend to make it more friable.
sounds like you're doing the right stuff - lots of organic matter. if it's got a high clay content some gypsum might help the soil to clod up. the sand might help, especially if you dig it through, but you'd need to put a fair bit in to make a difference to the plants when it's very wet. maybe is there any way you can drain the bed, say with a buried gravel pipe that takes excess water off down a slope..



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