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A lot of people struggle to decide what to plant at the change of season.

Seeing as I've already prepared a list of seed I've just planted for a blog, I thought I'd ask what others are putting in.

Please provide the variety if you have it and whether you have opted for seed (direct sown? grown in punnets?) or bought seedlings.

Below is a list of what has gone into my two prepared beds last weekend. I have another bed to prepare and it will have a lot of broccoli:

Cardoon - Cynara cardunculus Rouge D'Alger

Carrot - Muscade

garlic - local variety (these are sprouting already!)

spuds - store bought sprouting

cabbage - Couer de Boeuf des Vertus

Bean - climbing purple

Snowpea - Oregon Giant

Sugar Snap Pea - climbing

lettuce - various - purple cos, Oriental, + +

Mangel Beetroot - Yellow Eckendorf

Strawberry Spinach - Chenopodium capitatum

Collard Greens -


Radish - Champion

Cauliflower - Snowball

Cress - American Upland

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Hi Lissa,  This is timely :)  I just spent 3 hours out in the garden yesterday afternoon planting stuff, mulching, fertilising etc, all with Zack's help.  We planted 3 x broccoli (added to six other staggered plantings - summer green by yates, Zucchini (goldena), Lettuce (mixed), Rocket, Sugarsnap peas (Shiraz:-purple variety from Mr Fothergills.  Can't resist a novelty :), Dwarf beans (cherokee wax) and beetroot (Forona).  Today, I'm going to Bunnings and getting some silverbeet, leeks and Cauliflowers seedlings.  I might try some bok choy as well. 

Oooh nice. I particularly like the sound of your purple sugar snap peas. I too love a purple veg.

I also threw around lots of composted horse poo and grass clippings for mulch yesterday. Then did all the mowing and snipping. Enough work to make me stiff and sore this morning but very satisfied.

This is an extra busy time of year, isn't it?!

This is a list of what I've either just put in or plan to shortly:

Beans Pinto, Black Turtle, Blue-speckled Tepary
Beetroot Forono
Broccoli Belstar
Carrots Mix, Red-core Chantenay, Purple Dragon
Chives Onion
Choy Sum
Clover Red, White
Coriander Slow-bolt
Garlic Glen Large
Lettuce Iceberg, Salad Bowl Red, Summer Harvest
Lucerne Hunter River, Sequel
Mesclun Mild Mix
Mustard Nemcon
Onion Texas Early, Egyptian, Potato (multiplier)
Peas Massey Gem,Telephone, Greenfeast  Climbing
Peas, Sugarsnap Cascadia Climbing
Potatoes Dutch Cream
Snowpea Mammoth Melting,Yakumo
Spinach Bloomsdale, Perpetual Gator
Strawberries Joy, Lowana
Radish Daikon
Tomatoes Roma, Mini Roma, Tropic
Turnip Purple Top
Zucchini Black,Golden
+Various Flowers and old seeds I'm not sure will grow

These are the ones that are still going:

Cucumbers mystery volunteer
Beans, Bush Black-Eyed
Beans, Climbing Snake
Beans, Semi-climbing Black
Popcorn Yellow
Chili Anaheim
Chili Ancho
Mustard Nemcon
Millet French White

And of course, this doesn't include any of the fruit trees or other perennials already in or planned. 

Rather than planting a large number of the same thing, I tend to plant just a few of many different things.

What a marvellous collection! Not sure we could eat all of that ;-\

I'm interested in planting the perennial Onion whether it's Egyptian or Potato I'm not sure. I have some perennial Leeks to swap if you need them. They are *very* slow growing. Have you had experience with these 'perennial' things? I figure looking at the plants that I should be breaking them up more often to give the individual offshoots a chance to grow big and fat. I'd like to know more about them.

Elaine, as far as the perennials go, most of it is new to me, as well. I pretty much had to start over from scratch back in August.

I was having good results with the "Potato Onions" (multiplier onions) I grew before, but that was just before I found myself unable to get out in the yard for two years and they didn't survive that, so I'm trying them again. I'm wondering if the "Rakkyo Onion" multiplier onions listed at Green Harvest are the same as what I have. (I got mine from Greenpatch "Potato Onions")

This is the first time I've tried the Egyptian Onions. They are growing very well and fairly quickly for me, but it's still too early to tell. (I get a lot of these things from Greenpatch.)

Give us something to do over winter ;-)

I've had a kind of shallot which multiplied. They don't usually survive the summer though. Will be fun to see how yours work out. The perennial Leek which I bought from Herb Cottage (?) Gold Coast hinterland, has hung on for 3 years now growing over summer. Leeks are OK yet I prefer the tang of the onion.

Holy dooley! What an exciting lot of veg. I've only looked up Black Turtle Beans so far. The prettiest thing.

Fabulous list Jan. Enjoy your planting.

Well here is my list of either what I have planted or what will be planted this month. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I love it, I look upon my garden as a dear old friend who I want to care for, nourish and show and share with others. There will be more flowers as I work out just what I have come up and where I need fill ins, always with the Bees and Beneficial Insects in mind. As the Carrots, Beans, Peas etc. grow I will put some more varieties in to keep up supply. I am trying to use up a lot of older seeds that are a couple of years old, so here's hoping.

Beans - Snake Bean/Red Dragon (been in for a while), Broad Bean/Long Red, Stringless Pioneer, Baby Sun, Strike(Dwarf Bush Bean)

Beetroot - Heirloom Mix (there are striped)

Caicua - Mouse Melon

Carrots - Baby Amsterdam, St Valery, Heirloom Mix, Short Korada

Chicory - Teviso’s Red

Chives - Fuyuyo, Natsuyo, New Belt

Celery - Dorata D’Asti

Celeriac – White Alabaster 

Coriander – Mexican

Lettuce - Parris Island Cos, Mixed Frillies, Iceberg

Flowers - Companions, Annuals, Perennials (Evening Primrose, Aubretia, Achillea, Phacelia, Lavender, Dianthus, Agastache, Cerinthe, Sweet Violet, Lady’s Mantle, Viola, Schizanthus, Lobelia, Linaria, Lobelia, German Chamomile, Inca Marigold, Garland Chrysanthemum

Kale - Tuscan Black

Leaf Vegies - Other – Mibuna

Other Herbs - Salad Burnett, Chervil, Dill/Bouquet, Coriander/Hacor, Tansy

Parsnip - Guernsey

Parsley - Italian/Large Leaf, Regular Italian (see if the Possum’s eat these)

Pea – Heirloom Field Pea

Silverbeet - Rhubarb

Spinach - Giant Amsterdam, Egyptian

Strawberries – di bosco, quattro stagioi

Swede - Invitation, American Purple Top

Radish - Champion, Daikon/Summer Cross

Tomatoes - Garden Harvest, Mini Roma Truss

Turnip - Purple Top Milan, Purple Top/White Globe

Zucchini - Ronde de Nice, Black Beauty

Woo hoo! I'd love to know about the Broad Beans. For years I have tried to get crops of my very favourite vegetable. Keep us posted on their growth and pods.

Very nice :)

Reminds me - I must plant those silverbeet seed you gave me. I should get hold of some swede seed too.


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