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Good morning lovely gardeners!  I know I am not a proper member and accept your wrath as my due for intrusion, but I hope someone can help

I work for NSW DPI in weed biocontrol- we do testing to check if the insect we hope to import will eat any native or horticultural plants, or solely the weed we wish to control.  The next project coming in is to control Pereskia aculeata, a leaf cactus, and I am commencing looking for a range of other plants for host-range testing- in this instance, Talinum triangulare.

If anyone has Surinam spinach or waterleaf, and knows that is is definitely Talinum triangulare, or knows someone who knows someone... anything really!- please do contact me.  Ideally we are looking for up to thirty small plants/cuttings/healthy pieces, and happily willing to reasonably recompense for time and effort and postage (to NSW).

My email address is

Thank you all for your time!


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What's 'improper' Ashara? ;-) There will be gardeners who grow this plant, I used to but don't now. What an interesting area you work in!

I've emailed Ashara, as even though this is not the best time of year for Suriname spinach, I think I can provide it.

Hi everyone

A huge thanks to those who found and sent me some Talinum- the cuttings and seedlings are in the glasshouse and doing really well, it's super appreciated.

As the stem-wilting bug is already released in South Africa- they have already done their testing for Pereskia control- the boss will take over most of the rockwool cuttings of Talinum, along with a few other succulent species from Australia, and they will do field testing on our lovely procured plants.

In addition, we'll do our own testing over here, and hopefully all goes well and we can get approval to release the agent the proper way

Yay for science! 


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