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Realizing this is a non Edible Request, I beg Pardon.

I am planting up a new Fern Garden and am on the hunt for New or Unusual Ferns and Accent Plants. Some of my available area to plant in is in Full Shade, Part Shade and Semi Shade/Sun.

There is a wall where hanging baskets can be put on, in the Full Shade. 

I would be very interested in Purchasing or Receiving Gifts of Plants from BLF members. I would also be open to swapping some of my plants or cuttings for yours. Please Friend myself so as we may exchange Personal Messages.

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I have some bright deep pink cordyline if you want that.

Dianne, a few years back I had Drynaria Rigidula 'whitei' and it was spectacular in a large hanging basket and some other rare ferns which needed constant watching and misting. There was also a fern called a horses tail and it was a long pendulous fern, I have not seen it since.

What I have left now, are the hardier type ferns, not sure about their names, I could get my fern book out and name them.  The best, are the ones left to me by my mother-in-law. 

Soon I will get stuck into my ferns and try and split some of them.  Years ago I would just tip them out of the pots and put a spade through the center and replant the two pieces in new soil, but they are not that big anymore.  I suppose I have spent more time on edible stuff rather than fancy stuff. 

Ferns will go great is that shady spot, that you mention,  maybe even a tree fern or crow's nest. 

Thanks Girls, I am thankful to you both for your offers. Valerie I would love to have a piece of your bright deep pink Cordyline, it would make a lovely feature. Christa, thanks for the info and thoughts on what to plant in my Shady Fern Garden. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but I haven't been receiving emails from BLF.

for some reason ferns and i dont go well together - even manage to kill the fish tail fern but do have a few common orchids i will be re-potting soon if you would like to put them in hanging v=baskets 

Sorry Dianne, I would love to help out but I'm not good with anything not edible :)  I love Orchids and for years have bought them only to have them wither and die on me.  Mind you, my grandmother grows champion orchids in north Qld. 


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