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Does anyone have any Glen Large garlic bulbs that you are willing to part with?  Most places seem to be sold out, or are too far away.  

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Bunnings at Keperra has some but not sure the variety., 

Two bulbs for $14.50 LINK.

I got some locally grown garlic bulbs along the D'Aguillar Highway two weeks ago from a road side stall. Bought up big and planted out: all thriving they are.Looked like Glens -- the ones that do best in our sub trop climate.

Got some local organic Elephant garlic at Meat City in Morayfield too before then. But isn't the elephant a tad tasteless? I mucked up the striking a bit. I have roots but no stems (gave them too much water I think)  so I'm planting out the elephants from my wee pots today.

This supposedly is an image of Glen Large: and that's what mine looked like.Easy peel.

I'm sure there'd be some at the Caboolture Mkts too. I'm there tomorrow so I'll add more garlic to my shopping list.

You know that you never ever want to run out of garlic.Oh the horror! The horror.

Dave - I fear it's Glen Large grown from Tasmania - admittedly in a green house.  BUT...  If you find some at the markets, get me a few.  Happy to pay and come get them. 

If you look on gumtree

Laidley grown ‘Glenlarge’ Garlic for eating or planting. $25 per kilo. Bulk orders over 100kg $23 per kg. For seed cloves cleaned and broken up ready to plant $35 per kg. Large quantity available. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for pickup once ordered. Available now for planting when required. Pickup from Laidley or Thornton.

These are of the same ilk I planted out previously.

I bought these bulbs at the market this morning. Grown in the Glass House Mtns area but the sellers could not tell me the name of this garlic type .

They have the Glen purply pinkness on the exterior skin (but may be too purple for Glen?). Here's a description with images of Glen (LINK).

Are they 'large'? These bulbs are a generous 6-6.5 cm across.

DAF writes:

Glenlarge and Southern Glen are superior large-cloved varieties developed at Gatton Research Station. They are the highest yielding and have a light purpling of the outer skin. Southern Glen matures approximately one to two weeks before Glenlarge. The old medium and small purple varieties (probably of Taiwanese origin) are now rarely grown commercially because of their small clove size. Apart from South African White, which tends to produce a high percentage of small cloves, most other imported and southern strains have failed to produce bulbs. Giant Russian garlic, which is really a member of the leek family, is grown but the market potential appears to be limited.LINK

I find them a great bulb to work with a la culinary. And not one failed to sprout when I planted them. I'll be using them in the kitchen but I'll also plant out a few cloves. Note the great prices written on the individual bulbs.All fresh too. Could not find a suspect clove.

Check out the Garlic types HERE-LINK.

There you go: 'Giant Russian Garlic' is AKA Elephant Garlic. So now I seem to have two named cultivars growing outback.

If I can only get leeks and a larger range of spring onions to thrive I'll be tickled pink.

"There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and garlic.” -- Louis Diat

“I see recipes calling for one clove of garlic. One clove of garlic is not enough for any recipe unless it’s a recipe for, ‘how to cook one clove of garlic’ – even in this case use two.” --Unknown

I now have a selection of 6 microplane graters for culinary use with garlic, ginger, hard cheeses and turmeric. Grating the garlic cloves with these has been a great boon to my endeavours.

The long one is my fav.

I bought a quite purpley variety from a nearby store.  The young lady told me it was grown in Argentina.  I'm gunna plant some and see what happens. 

You can get Australian garlic from Coles & Woolies . The Argentinian option is certainly better than the Chinese -- there's also Spanish and Mexican imports available.

In China, chemicals banned in Australia are still being used to grow garlic. Australia imports 95% of our garlic from China. Chinese garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting and is also sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life. All imported garlic is fumigated with Methyl Bromide by AQIS on arrival in Australia.(LINK).

The problem is that  your imported cultivar may not grow so well given its treatments & may still carry exotic diseases.

Good point about the diseases mate.  That's slowed me down. 

You inspired me to get off my ... rear... and check the bed.  Only one Elephant bulb struck so I assumed the rest had either rotted in the rain or been eaten by rats.  Not so!  After a dig around, I found most are still in there looking good (but doing nothing).  I'm still coming for a visit though Dave.  

My garlic is going great in the dirt. First time ever.

I have planted out the many...

I've now got myself some more Elephant Garlic -- to plant out. Along with Glen Large Garlic reputed to grow well in SEQ.

But not a garlic -- really a Leek fam member. Here's the info:LINK.

As garlic it doesn't have the in-the-mouth bang. But as an easy-to-grow leek -- it probably warrants the effort.

Stock from Meat City, Morayfield.

Just some info, from my experience, Elepahnt garlic is keener to put out roots first before they send shoots up.

No vampires!

Get your share: in the kitchen or in the garden.Glen Large. Celebrated here.

"Queensland, for example, has a very unique garlic. It's a subtropical garlic, grown in a warm climate and daylight neutral. Whereas most garlic around the world is actually a temperate climate garlic that requires a cold winter," she said.



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