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Does anyone know much about leaf microbes?  This process is apparently used by organic gardeners to protect new leaves from bug attack.   I found one supply through Nutri-Tech Solutions called Myco-force. Here is the link to it's decscription-

It does say something about danger to bee breeding, do you think that means hives.  The BOGI newsletter promotes this on certain plant/tree leaves at certain times of the year.  I presume that it makes the leaf stronger to repel bugs and pests. It can also be used on the soil around the trees/plants.  It has a talc base which would affect spray machines so a watering can would have to do in my case.  They also have another product called Trichoshield which is similar but has different microbes,  – Tricho-Shield™ can be applied to seeds, transplants, bulbs, cuttings, grafts and established crops.
– A powerful probiotic.
– No withholding period.

This stuff is not cheap, but I want to give it a go and see if it works.

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But what about the good insects? Wouldn't you need a major infestation to warrant its cost and use?

How does it stay long term on the above ground growth -- given both the weather and other microbial situated there like the lactobacillii?

Beauveria_bassiana is distributed by bees.Lecanicillium_lecanii  is used against bee vectors like mites. Like with Lecanicillium_lecanii  bees are meticulous groomers and readily remove the fungi spores from their bodies preventing infection from Beauveria_bassiana.

Actually it is the other product Trichoshield- Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum and Trichoderma koningii are the ones I was going to try.  It will only be used on certain plants at certain times when a plant is overcome by a type of bug.  Some of my plants are quite valuable and unfortunately I have made the mistake of growing them in not ideal conditions. They need more sun I believe to be stronger, so they become stressed.

I have a good supply of beneficial bugs already but more pesty bugs like scale and mealy bugs. 

The large tree in my yard makes it's own micro environment, but also shades the bulk of the yard. It is too good to get rid of it.   Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

Make sure you report back Christa...


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