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My offspring are currently in Japan eating their way south past Mt Fuji.

I've always been a noodle lover but seldom  got the merging of ingredients right. I'd live off Vietnamese  Pho -- if I could make it correctly -- and my partner is addicted to Singapore noodles.

For those who are into noodles &/or pasta -- such as I -- a Japanese company is making organic udon, soba, somen and ramen noodles in Victoria from local ingredients: Hakubuku.

They're on special at the moment in Coles and Woolies for around $3 -- and usually sell for $5.

They're very good and easy to prepare. While they make a change from pasta -- an easy substitute -- there is nothing so Nipponese as slurping your way through a plate of noodles.

You gotta slurp and you gotta drink the remaining soup stock directly from the bowl.

I'm planning to build our Xmas diner menu around noodle salads -- especially Soba which is made from buckwheat (and wheat). You can serve it chilled: LINK. As you can with Somen too:Zaru Somen.

For me, the best lunchtime menu is a soup du jour -- noodle or bean -- and while a tad expensive to buy (compared to pasta)  it is so much easier and quicker to cook up a batch of Japanese noodles as part of a soup.

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pho is a staple in this house during winter - so what is it you do that doesnt make it authentic - i fnd it hard to get cassia bark ....And good  organic udon, soba, somen and ramen noodles  are also eaten regularly as well so thanks for the heads up about the special - we eat so much home grown a visit to the supermarket is rare ! our vegan non gluten non sugar daughter ( its medical has chrons) is coming for xmas so will try to get extra in for her visit !!!! Have you tried Mohinga and Sumo Chanko nabe - they are great too oh and of course Laska 

I'm a pho snob. Visit Cabramatta and there are a succession of wonderful pho restaurants in a row.My son had a bowl in each for breakfast on the same day.

(He is a noodle junkie.)

Good pho options in Inala and Darra  -- but elsewhere here is disappointing.

Visited Springvale in Melb last trip and it isn't as Vietnamese as it once was. Gone 'multicultural' and the pho was so-so.

Laksa is absolutely great at Satay Ria in the Valley.

When last in Singapore I ate maybe 5 meals a day so that I could noodle up.

As for me I don't really have the Asian vibes and I muck up the stocks. I respect the subtleties.

Anyone who has seen 'Tampopo' defers to the skill set. IT'S THE NOODLE CULTURE ...

I am also burdened with a partner who doesn't like soups...Go figure!?

we havent tried pho anywhere in Brisbane - when were living in Houston one of cols workmates was Vietnamese so he took us to his fathers restaurant and it was apparently as authentic as you could get in USA -  Love the food in Singapore  - i taught a Singaporean, a Japanese , A Malay and a Indonesian  as a overseas students, who were good friends of our daughters so they spent a lot of time at our house and we have visited them ( Alex has been bridesmaid for 2 and one more next year ) so have had real authentic food for all of those countries and yes the different regions have different tastes. Col worked for a while in Kl and China and Indonesia as well so yes I am a bi of a food snob too but do enjoy making it as well - just hate the cleaning up.  


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