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You have to buy in bulk, but still seems reasonable price for horse manure - delivered to your door.
PRICE LIST (1-02-09)*


MULCH BAG SIZE: 90cm high and 50cm wide
(45 Litres average: 16kg – 18kg approx)

10 BAGS DELIVERED $49 (incl GST)
20 BAGS DELIVERED $89 (incl GST)
30 BAGS DELIVERED $129 (incl GST)
Extra bags above 30 are $4.00 per bag delivered

GARDEN SOIL – Rich Organic Composted Soil
SOIL BAG SIZE: 65cm high and 45cm wide.
(25 litres average: 16kg to 18kg approx)

10 BAGS DELIVERED $59 (incl GST)
20 BAGS DELIVERED $109 (incl GST)
30 BAGS DELIVERED $159 (incl GST)
Extra Bags above 30 are $5 per bag delivered

BAG SIZE VARIES: average approx 80cm x 40cm
(35 litres average: 16kg-18 kg approx.)

10 BAGS DELIVERED $40 (incl GST)
20 BAGS DELIVERED $65 (incl GST)
30 BAGS DELIVERED $95 (incl GST)
Extra bags above 30 are $3.00 per bag delivered.
Large Bags are $6.00 each (Double Quantity approx.)


(i) Outdoor Pine Sleeper Surrounds
(2.4mtrs x 1.2 m x 200mm)

(ii) Horse stable manure.
(iii) Rich Organic Composted Garden Soil.
(iv) Delivered, Assembled and Installed.
Total price $249 (incl GST)

(i) Outdoor pine sleeper surrounds
(2.4metres x 1.2metres x 200mm)
(ii) Plastic Underlay
(iii) White Screened Sand
(iv) Tarp for cover
(v) Delivered, Assembled & Installed.
Total price (A) 1.2m x 1.2m x 200mm $185 (incl GST)

(B) 1.5m x 1.5m x 200mm $225 (incl GST)

(C) 2.4m x 1.2m x 200mm $265 (incl GST)

Free Delivery – Brisbane area-unloaded within 2 metres of the
location accessible by delivery vehicle. Outside Brisbane add
delivery fee approx. $10 - $20 depending on distance.
*Prices can change without notice

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Also saw this one - if you have a trailer in the north side... amazing what you can buy from ebay lol!!

Horse manure for sale.

Ideal to use as fertiliser.

Pick up only at Burpengary on Brisbane's Northside.

For sale by the trailer load.

I can load it into your trailer for an extra $5.

Price is $25 for a 6x4 trailer, or a similar sized ute.

Price varies for smaller or larger trailers.

Please note that this is for a 1 off trailer load. For more loads, you will need to hop back on ebay and buy another load. (Just so I don't sell to others if I run out.)
This is interesting... wish I have a trailer...
Oh yeah, bags of mulch! I always meant to give it a try, then I found a place a few doors down from the produce store I get my chicken feed from selling bags of horse manure for $2 a bag.. don't tell Albert about this coz if he finds out there are manure delivery he will never let me put any more in his car!!!


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