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My first batch of rock and/or honeydew melons are growing quite rapidly so I figured it was time to try out the trellis idea. Here's a start I made. For support I used 4 bamboo poles cut to about 1.6m each. The struts are river reeds from an outdoor garden screen I had lying around. I'll add more struts as the vines grow. Only time will tell whether the trellis will be strong enough. Fingers crossed!

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Hi Steven

I'll have a closer look on the underside. I found some leaves with mildew on them, got rid of those. The other symptom of mosaic virus is the distortion of new growth, particularly leaves. Will have to keep an eye out.

Actually, a lot of plants in my garden that were previously healthy looking are going yellow to some degree (chilli, fig, beans, sugar loaf) so maybe it's heat or water stress related.

Thanks for the link. Here's one that has a lot of info on growing the best melons.

iNose lmao

Keep checking my little vines each morning for some sign of fruit developing....not yet :(


Watched pots ;-)

Can't help myself lol. It's the buzz we get from gardening :D

Just wondering: Do you really have to trellis these? Isn't it an option to keep fresh mulch underneath the fruits so that they rest above the soil? Thats' what I do: I use grass clippings as mulch under my  fruit including tomatoes, but I monitor it so that it doesn't become waterlogged. It's easy to pile up mulch like a little bed and rest the fruits on top.

It won't always work of course in very wet weather....

Hi Dave

Trellis'ing is certainly more work. There's the effort in constructing the trellis, fruits have to be supported when they get to a certain size and so on.

For me at least, backyard space is at a premium so trellis'ing is more about restricting the melons from spreading too much. Even so I still have a couple of fruits on the ground. I slip small pieces of plastic sheet under these. I find mulch a bit of a hit-n-miss, lost a few low hanging eggplants to rot where they came into contact with mulch.

Each of my two winter melons are over 15 foot long. If I hadn't trained them (note Lissa: using the rock ...

No, not that Rock)

to climb up the wall, they'd be a sprawling mess now.

Speaking of very wet weather .... :(

Keeping fruit off the ground is a 'must' in the Queensland summer. I use broken-up styrene boxes, just a piece big enough to keep the fruit up. It's worth the hassle of stepping nimbly between the Pumpkin stems and trying not to tumble down the hill in the process. An appropriate trellis for an enthusiastic Pumpkin is an A-frame made from reo for those with the strength, skills and the space. You need something quite robust for running Pumpkins like Jap/Kent and Butternut. At the moment I'm running the miniature Watermelon vines around the top of a wicking bin - a space about a metre by 2/3rds of a metre (whatever that is - about 3ft by 2ft) remains to be seen if that is enough room for them.

I just checked, the fruits are sitting on the plastic sheets in an inch of water. The styrofoam pieces are a great idea. Thanks Elaine!

lol - one of my favourite rocks striking one of his "great" poses :D unfortunately not in my back yard though :(

Phil Dudman has the trellis to end all trellises here ... great if you have the space and can actually build it.

NICE trellis!

The season's first harvest! This grapefruit sized melon doesn't smell sweet but the skin's turned waxy and it's been a golden colour for a while. An autopsy conducted on another fruit that was rotting revealed a strong sweet smell and small white worms inside. Only one way to find out ...


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