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Great recipe book published by the FAO. If you are growing Andean stuff (and that includes potatoes!) this is worth a squiz:

t r a d i t i o n a l   i n g r e d i e n t s:

Papa / Potatoes
Oca / Oca or New Zealand yam
Olluco or melloco / Earth Gems
Mashua or mashwa
Arracacha or racacha / Arracacha
Ñabos or yuyo / Field mustard
Yacón or jicama / Peruvian ground apple
Jara or maíz / Maize or Corn
Kiwicha or amaranto / Amaranth
Quinua / Quinoa
Qañiwa / Qañiwa
Tarwi or chocho / Andean lupin
Aguaymanto or uvilla / Cape gooseberry or Peruvian ground cherry  
Ayrampu or ayrampo
Cuy / Cuy or guinea pig

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Wish I could successfully grow Oca. Bought some a couple of years back and stored them in the fridge until planting. They shot but died later. If you know of anywhere local it can be bought I would be interested to try it again.

Mashwa looks interesting. Pretty thing. Suppliers?

Yacon and Jicama are two seperate tubers - both delicious in their own way. Jicama is sometimes sold at the Caboolture Mkts.

Chocho - another "wonder food". The word has a slang meaning as well!

My Oca spouted in the fridge. I planted them (in March) and they are shooting greenery as we speak. I'm delighted thus far.

..and touch wood.

The trick is when you plant I gather...and I planted because they sprouted in the fridge but thought I was rushing it.

I have a few Jicama planted out now and you can get it in Asian grocers at the moment.I bought some at the Carseldine Mkts over Easter on Saturday last, but it's not a frequent veg at Caboolture. As I said before it can be bought at the Formosa Chinese Grocers in the Brissie CBD...better quality & size than Carseldine.


Good background on Mashwa here.

However, for a review of the plant and its cultivation this is a great resource: HERE.

But as for  a local supply: zero.

(when I grow nasturtiums real good too...)

You could try HERE for supplies...from Greece!

I don't go into the CBD.  One area I avoid like the plague.

Where did you get your Oca for planting this time around?

As I wrote here some time back: The Dickson Street Market in Morayfield.Last time I was there (2 weeks past) they still had some...but I'd ring first if you planned on the shopping trip.

Alternatively: talk to a Kiwi.

I thought New Zealand would also supply Mashwa as it has successfully been introduced there.

Here's` a wonderful resource: Crops of the Incas in New Zealand.

It seems that Tropaeolum tuberosum has gone wild there.

Some Tt plants exist in Northern NSW...and searching further... lo we have a WINNER! :Island Herbs in Tasmania.

Tropaeolum tuberosum inhabits their catalogue.

I'll be working in Caboolture tomorrow. If I have time I will call on those markets.

Oca is tricky, once only was I able to harvest some tubers. And it is so delicious … Tried the fridge trick :-( Green Harvest have it at times, it is strictly a winter thing here. Sometimes see it at fruiterers shops.

Not all of the Solanums come from South America (we have a few native ones here) but most of the familiar ones originated there. What would many cuisines be without spuds, toms and eggplant?

I want to avoid paying Green Harvest prices for a small amount of Oca. Would prefer to buy some in the shops if I can find it.

I planted up both the redone beds yesterday and as usual planted way too much. I would have to find a spot to squeeze them in.

I can did up one of mine that hasn't thrown up greenery up yet. That's most...the chooks got into one bed and turned it over maybe I've been bushwacked.

I think the Mashwa looks interesting, as well. As a relative of my much loved Nasturtiums, I can't resist trying it.

I have found a potential supplier in Tasmania and I've sent an email off to see how many they have and ask if they will ship to Brisbane.

It's not your standard online shopping site with online purchases, so I'll have to wait until I get some sort of response to confirm availability and any details.

The plants are listed at $5.50 each and up to 10 plants express post for $15, but that is subject to variation.

Is anyone is interested in going in on an order to combine shipping if they are available?

Worth a while, count me in. Fascinated at its 'anaphrodisiac' quality - solution to over-population ;-)

Me too. I was going to suggest that option....but then picking up may be problematical locally. What area of Brisbane are you located,  Jan?

I love nasturtiums for their unconditional generosity year in  year out...and to have a true edible from the same fam, is tickity boo.

So I'm in ...I'll have 3 plants Please -- or more if you want to make up the numbers. Fewer if stocks are low. Among the other options are Andean parsnip --Arracacha--which has become ordained as something of a wonder food and the Peruvian government has had to take special measures to protect their local plant base from illicit trading.

They tried that with yacon too Dave but no one told the japanese


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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

GrowVetiver is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

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