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It's that time again!

The end of the year has come around more quickly than ever - surely time speeds up as you get older?

Anyway, in keeping with the tradition started by this site last year, this year we are again celebrating the knowledge-expanding, the fascinating, the humorous and the downright weird by taking a look back at some of the best blogs and discussions to grace this site over 2014.

And we're looking for your suggestions - what were your favourites?

The categories are: 

Best Discussion - the best individual discussion started by a BLF member 

Best Blog - the best BLF blog series by an individual member 

BLF Gold - the most humorous contribution (blog, discussion, photo or video) made by a BLF member

BLF What The?! - the strangest contribution (blog, discussion, photo or video) made by a BLF member 

BLF All Rounder - the best all round contribution to the site made by a BLF member

Make your nominations here by commenting below, or via personal message. We'll take nominations until the end of October, vote over November and announce winners at the December Garden Visit.

Looking forward to hearing your favourites!

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and Elaine. I see those two as the site Mainstays.  

Oh, and me for my boyish good looks and athletic body.  

(Damn near wet my pants after that last one.)

Lol Andy!

Thanks Everyone for the nominations! Here's the lists of finalists (as far as I can make out - please correct any omissions on my part!):

Best Blog - Dave Riley

BLF Gold - Andrew Cumberland 

BLF All Rounder - Lissa, Elaine and Andrew

I think that, given that we have just a handful of nominations, we can pretty safely abstain from voting this year and crown all of our nominees. They're all top contributors!

Thanks again all and see you at the Christmas party (awards and prizes will be given out there - if you're not attending, I'll follow up to get your mailing address) 

And just when you thought you could not add anymore, you find another nook where something grows...
You got Bobby Elaine in the very first picture contributing to the fertility of the garden....

That was a concrete statue minus a leg!

The real Bobby is kinda greyish with a soft shaggy coat.

Lol ok maybe I do need those reading glasses...

Hahahahahaha!  BLF gold!!!!!!!!

Perfect! Thanks Andy :) That's a cracker for sure.

The new nominee for the BLF Gold category is Valerie (with a little help from Elaine :) 

Woo hoo! Gardening is a fun hobby yet there's so few garden jokes in public domain and even fewer reports of funny experiences.

Endorse Valerie for the Gold award :-)

I still laugh every time I read that.

Please...don't encourage my blogging. I'm blog dependent. I can't think unless I write it down.But thanks so much for the encouragement.

But then there's so much great stuff here. Everyone's contribution is so useful.The BLF learning curve is so rich.It's a great resource really to match anything else on the web...and folk use the digital options here so effectively: text + images +'s never static.

This site also teaches you that no one person can know everything, that gardening wisdom is a shared resource and culture. It's a collective existence lived in real time experience --= lesson and anecdote.

And here you aren't sentenced to be aligned to any special gardening system. There's no moralism. Out of numerous backyards come hard won experience  on the basis of what works.

You gotta love it. I tell people: you want to garden in Brissie and grow food. Sign up to BLF.

We love your blogs and absolutely agree Dave! Thanks for sharing :) 


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