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It's that time again!

The end of the year has come around more quickly than ever - surely time speeds up as you get older?

Anyway, in keeping with the tradition started by this site last year, this year we are again celebrating the knowledge-expanding, the fascinating, the humorous and the downright weird by taking a look back at some of the best blogs and discussions to grace this site over 2014.

And we're looking for your suggestions - what were your favourites?

The categories are: 

Best Discussion - the best individual discussion started by a BLF member 

Best Blog - the best BLF blog series by an individual member 

BLF Gold - the most humorous contribution (blog, discussion, photo or video) made by a BLF member

BLF What The?! - the strangest contribution (blog, discussion, photo or video) made by a BLF member 

BLF All Rounder - the best all round contribution to the site made by a BLF member

Make your nominations here by commenting below, or via personal message. We'll take nominations until the end of October, vote over November and announce winners at the December Garden Visit.

Looking forward to hearing your favourites!

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Discussion or Blog, take your pick: Dave Riley's several posts on gardening on sand with related posts on making and using clay Ollas.

Dave's blog is  a good one, thanks Elaine!

Do we have to vote all categories?  It's a bit hard for me to to come up with a nomination for all of them.. 

Sorry - just suggest an item if you can think of one for a category that that was mentioned. We'll vote if there are more than one in any category...

Good idea to put a link to the item you refer to. Otherwise it might take a bit of hunting to find it.

Excellent suggestion, Lissa!

Could there be a category for most helpful suggestion in the "THIS YEARS BEST OF BLF - GET YOUR NOMINATIONS IN" discussion? That would be particularly helpful for me, as I can't remember how I learned any of the numerous things I've learned from this site over the last year. Usually a couple of weeks after I learn something new I'm pretty sure I came up with it myself, and a month after that I'll suggest it to someone on BLF.

I work with someone who does that in the office Rob :/ Very disconcerting to your ideas presented back to you as their own a few weeks after sharing with them.

Lol! Is that your nomination then Rob? We may end up with a few categories empty...

I'd think it was just vote for the ones that take your fancy Florence. 

BLF Gold - 

I totally thought I have missed a garden visit I didn't know about ^^"

Andy for video 'how to's' and general contributions to many discussions.

We have another nomination - Lissa for BLF All Rounder hooray!

We were all thinking it, but now it's officially official... ;)


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