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I recently pulled this up and It was from the same bed as the Garlic that I pictured when replying to Elaine. I would have transplanted this as a young plant and a Leek and Garlic look  much the same as young plants, well that's my excuse anyway. Does anyone know what type it is? I cannot remember what I planted but I have quite a lot of these, so would like to run these again. Perhaps I should just let one go to seed. I could name it Roger's Leek, that's Ok as long as I spell Leek and not Leak. The garlic could be Roger's Italian Glen Red Large. Or perhaps I could just keep proper records. Yeah that's gonna happen.

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Is it likely to be Elephant Garlic? It could be from the look ... EG has a 3-step life-cycle. You get little yellow jobs and you can grow them next season and get rounds. What you have looks like a round Roger, but it could be a round from EG or normal Garlic tho rounds are not common with normal Garlic. The little yellow jobs can stay in the ground and pop up at unexpected times. 

Rounds can give you the big segments which we know as Elephant or Russian Garlic. It is not a true Garlic but more closely related to a Leek so there's no surprise they look very similar. If you find these plants have the flavour you want, then eat the littlest and keep the biggest for next year's planting.

Leave on roots and leaves and allow to dry in a cool breezy spot away from rats. Garlic and relatives store best with their roots and leaves intact.

Think you are correct Elaine. It looks like Elephant Garlic to me to Roger....

Hey Elaine, does it get much fatter than Roger is showing?  I've never really seen how big they are meant to get. 

As a round what Roger has grown is about typical. On the next growth stage, the rounds turn into several cloves - 4-5 perhaps, nothing like the number you get with ordinary Garlic. So the knobs are much bigger than Roger's are now.

Thanks everyone, I am glad that I only pulled one out, as the plants are still healthy looking. I will leave the others where they are and they may well develop as you say.

“If Leekes you like, but do their smell dis-like, Eat Onyons, and you shall not smell the Leeke; If you of Onyons would the scent expell, Eat Garlicke, that shall drowne the Onyons' smell.”

--Dr. William Kitchiner, ‘The Cook's Oracle’


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