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I've changed the title of this a bit to reflect the trend towards general sausage making... 

I got a sausage maker today (mincer and pusher).  (This machine no longer minces but it still stuffs - I killed it with pork.)

I can now make the whole damn burger now! Bread, sausage, spinach, shallots, cheese, chili jam or tomato relish and booze to wash it down. I even make the cola in my soda stream to go with the booze.

Not only that, but once my aquaponics set up is done, I can choose between meat or fish burgers.  LOL. 

There are days when I scare even myself - fair dinkum. 

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I can't see that I had posted this photo anywhere.  I thought I would have but anyway... this is called a Jimmy Dean.  It is a pork sausage with maple syrup overtones.  Any Americans will recognise the name.  They taste pretty darn good, even If I say so myself. 

And yes, the casings are real gut, not that pretend stuff. 

They look d. fine. Where do you buy the gut for the casings?

The Arana Hills butcher had the fake ones for skinny sausages but the McDowall butcher had the real ones for fat sausages.  I got some of both.  

Do you know what they make the fake ones out of?

As someone with food allergies I'm a little concerned about what I might have been eating with my sausages!

I'd be more concerned with the filling! Most sausages bind the meat with some sort filler/binder like breadcrumbs. I guess that's why you'd need a GF sausage!

No, I don't eat ANYTHING without reading the ingredient list Craig. The pain from eating gluten is quite a detterent, not to mention what happens at both ends. Gluten is in all sorts of wierd things from icecream to medication.

There isn't any gluten in my snags - unless the pig ate a lot of bread!

You are probably right about that Andy, but bread isn't the only source of gluten. I still can't eat anything without knowing down to the last ingredient what went into it. It's not the cook who suffers, it's me.

The fake ones are colligin (however you spell that). 

Here is a new one that is REALLY nice.  It is a Thai inspired sausage, invented by yours truly.  

I found chicken portions for $2 per kilo at my local IGA.  So after trimming $4 worth of chicken bits, I ended up with 1.2 kg of meat and fat.  I discarded the skin and bones etc.  Chicken is pretty lean, so I tried to keep any fat lumps that I came across to keep the sausage moist.

I added garlic, ginger, dried coriander leaf, powdered onion, salt, and sweet chili sauce. I avoided curry paste because it tends to contain MSG.  

Some lessons:  

Always roll a small ball of your meat mix and microwave it for 30 as a tester.  It's important to make sure the mix tastes great (don't trust the texture out of the microwave tho, it dries it) .

Don't over mix your condiments and mince.  It will get tough.

Chicken is a bugger to mince.  I had to clean the mincing gauge frequently - every few minutes with much cursing and gnashing of teeth.  

This is an amazingly good sausage.  The best I've done to date.  The tomato is a full sized vege patch job just to give scale. 

That is so impressive Andy. Looks and sounds really yummy.

Looks like  boerewors! Yum!


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