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I have recently discovered via that excellent website The Subtropical Fruit Growers Club, that Murraya are attractants and hosts of the Fruit Spotting Bug pest which attack Avocado trees, causing fruit drop.

My Avos are in pots about 2 metres from the nearest part of  what used to be a Murraya hedge that stretched across the front of our house. I was about to assign the hedge to the great compost bin in the sky anyway, as It also harbours a borer which then attack most citrus trees. So I believe it is responsible for the demise of my Lemon trees and attacks on my Joppa Orange trees.

So My Murraya trees have been cut down and burnt. It is difficult enough to get Avos to fruit at all due to pollination problems and so when they do set fruit, as mine did a couple of years back, I obviously want then to survive to harvest.

My Pinkerton Avo set a good amount of fruit but they all fell off before they got half grown (see the picture). I have always been mystified about what caused this, but this info now tells me why. The problem I have now is - will netting the trees be enough to keep these pests out? Or will I have to bag the fruit or use some other method. The STFGC use non organic sprays, which I will not. Anyone had experience dealing with Fruit Spotting Bugs before?

This picture was taken in 2015. I hope that 2017 sets as much or more!

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Good info Roger - I did not know that about the Murraya. Always loved it even tho an exotic, heady scent and buzzing bees.

The VegeNet (that's a trade name, bought from West Aust) I have here is quite dense and should keep out every flying whatsis who wants to goose your fruit. If it keeps out fruit fly and they say it does, it should work for other little sods.


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