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While I don't completely agree with this article it is thought provoking. Did they consider 'wild greens' such as dandelion or purslane when making this top 10 list?

I am growing land cress but maybe I should also grow watercress. Anybody had success with this crop?

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That rules me out. No cool moving water here!

No, it doesn't like to grow in the hotter weather. The land or American Cress gave such a poor performance during the cooler months I thought I would give it a go now but doubt if it will florish.

Lissa despite the similarity of their common names they are from different plant families.  American/Land Cress's scientific name is Barbarea verna while watercress is Nasturtium officinale. Thus I wouldn't necessarily come to that conclusion. Of course you may be right anyway. Did you buy your land cress seeds from the The Seed Collection?

And according to this article it likes sheltered moist conditions which means it may have some trouble in my garden later in the year...

Good info Phil, thank you.

I might try some seed under the cucumber frame. They might like it ok there though I doubt if they will appreciate our summer heat.

They were from The Seed Collection Phil. A quick check shows I have none left which doesn't bother me particularly. If it doesn't thrive then I need to look elsewhere for plants that do without any fuss. I like the cress flavour.

Interesting about the two cresses, similar look and flavour, belonging to different plant families.

Found I have two packets left - I'll save them for next cool season.

Both plants (Barbarea and Nasturtium) are in the same plant family (Brassicaceae formerly Cruciferae). The difference is in the Genus name which is one step lower down the scale from Family.

Yes you are quite right Elaine. You made me do some quick self education there. Still they appear similar enough in appearance to perhaps lead one to believe that they would be in the same genus too.

The differences are often minute and in the flowers more than any other structure.

This study is about nutrients per 100 calories, which I don't think is a valid way to rank foods at all, as it's based on the idea that people get their calories from one source and their other nutrition from another source. So sweet potato ranks quite low, not because it's low in nutrients, but because it's high in energy-rich carbohydrates. If sweet potato is your main source of energy in a meal you're going to be doing much better than if white bread is, because sweet potato comes with a whole bunch of extra nutrients. It would take a lot of watercress on your Coles sliced white bread to make up for the nutrient deficiency of the bread.


Yeah, one could pretty much manipulate the results by setting the criterias, always check the source of reports when we look for information nowadays.  Who commission them makes a lot of difference ~ Although I wonder who would benefit by claiming water cress is the number one powerhouse vegetable?



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