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This discussion comes about from my thoughts of gardening practices, and I can relate to Jeffrey Hodges.  He believes in gardening with nature and that it is meant to be both easy and enjoyable.   He teaches us to be more attune to our garden.  

This had lead me to feel a little uneasy, with my change to wicking bed gardening, as it is quite different to his approach to gardening.   This being said, I am not going to change my system now and will make do with what I have in wicking beds and enjoy what I can give and receive from my garden.  It suits our age and abilities at the moment.

With my compost bin working well and plenty of compost available soon, and the additives PERLITE  and  VERMICULITE, and ROCKDUST, ZEOLITE, BIOCHAR  that I have sitting stored in the shed, I think I will add most of  them to my compost bin.

We have started a regime of spraying fortnightly a Triple Boost & Neem liquid mix which will go into a spray trolley and foliar feed all our garden plants, and once per month or when changes are noticed we will spray with Silica and Potash and Seaweed liquid.   At the beginning of each season, we will dry fertilize our soil and beds with Organic Link.  These mixes are available from a warehouse just down the road from us.  (

My dilemma is in trusting the things that we read on the internet.  Learning what is real and what is really not needed has made me think. This story came about when trying to find out more about HUMUS and ONE SUCH STORY IS HERE.  Who do we believe?

If we keep wanting more food from our garden, we need to replace it with some sustenance. 

Nature replenishes the soil itself, and we, as gardeners, can help speed it up, or just let nature take the slow road. The choices we make, can sometimes be quite expensive, as in the compost bin, and netting for covering plants, water tanks, importing bales of hay, lucerne, or sugar cane, water and also the cost of sprays that I get from down the road. 

I would like to find the happy medium.  We will make a decision on whether to continue our spraying efforts to see if it is was worthwhile.  In the meantime working with nature sounds good to us.    Perennials will be promoted and kept for repeat use, along with our carefree plants in bins.

The KISS rule is finally making sense for us.  What do you think?  Maybe we are getting lazy.

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Hook worms are blood-suckers.

haha Elaine - even worse is- our daughter with Chrons like many other sufferers had a feacal implant done to try to improve their gut biology ( yes they take so feaces from family members and transplant it by colonoscopy  - hers unfortunately was unsuccessful but my cousin had one done and says his improved his health 90%  - so like our soils our own gut needs the right biology and little if no artificial chemical input for good health 

Found some useful info about Ruth Stout and her method. An attachment covers it all ... let me know please if you can open it.


Thanks Elaine, they are good notes to have on hand.  Jeff Hodges in his book, promotes a circular garden a bit like an orange cut in half, and he separates the segments with paths.  This would work well as a straw fed garden.  There are many ways to use this system.  Oh I wish I had some spare land, maybe I could use the verge?

You're in Briz Christa so there's every chance to use the verge!

I could open the first attachment but not the second, but the first was pure gem.

Yep, opened and read the first (with delight) and couldn't open the second.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll delete the second one. It is a copy of the first, just saved differently.
I'm planning what I can do to 'straw' some beds as a trial. Ruth used inground beds, I have mainly wicking beds. Keen to give it a whirl.

The second attachment (all photos of various degrees of interest) did open eventually. Must have been slower.



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