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Denmark’s wind farms generated 140% of the country’s electricity needs yesterday

Full article HERE AT QUARTZ:

Denmark’s wind farms generated 140% of the country’s electricity needs yesterday

An unusually windy day gave Scandinavia another chance to show off its global superiority in clean energy yesterday. On July 9, Denmark’s wind farms generated more than enough power to meet nationwide electricity demands—with a 16% surplus of energy during the day and a whopping 40% surplus overnight.

The extra energy didn’t go to waste; it was exported to Germany, Norway, and Sweden via interconnectors between the countries’ electricity grids. (The Germans haven’t always loved those interconnectors, by the way.)

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Isn't it wonderful to have a Prime Minister who is so switched on to solar energy production. He thinks that wind generators look ugly and are too noisy. Well I wouldn't want to live underneath one, but to my knowledge they tend to be put in areas away from housing, even in the sea sometimes.

It's good to know that the good old "clean" energy from our power stations is being brought into the cities by those wonderful visual masterpieces of huge steel pylons and wires.   

I just looked up Wind Farms in Australia and there are none in Qld :(

If wind power got too much momentum in Australia, it may start to achieve grid parity (in areas), as it already has in areas of Europe and the US.

Wind Power grid parity is the point where the cost of wind power matches the cost of traditional sources. -

I would guess that anyone wishing to protect the economic interests of traditional sources would want to be lobbying hard and loud, before it becomes an economic threat. It looks to me like they might be doing their job very well at the moment.

And it looks like they have the ear of the PM.

They have been doing their jobs well for a long time.  It is the owners of the traditional sources with the deep pockets for donations or influence...

Great story,I have never been near a wind turbine to be able to comment on its so called pollution.The technology is increasing dramatically with these and there now are vertical towers under testing ,a bit like a wind turbine mast without the  blades as the turbine is internal .The sth Australia renewables are so successful  that its closing down a tradtional coal fired generator over there.If the abolished carbon tax had been used to subsidise everyone for solar panels then that same situation would be happening in every state and the government knows it.


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