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I am very grateful to the ABC Brisbane for this news article:

Article here:

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So cool!

What I call 'sprouts' - coz that's what they were called when I first was interested a couple of lifetime's ago -  are now called 'micro-greens'. I mostly use Buckwheat and Sunflower seeds and grow in soil. I have found it less of a hassle, nothing to clean up or rinse. Just sashay outside waving a pair of scissors and clear-fell a small patch for that meal. The Lucerne growing all over my plot is from a tipped-out sprouting tray. Lucerne/Alfalfa can be sprouted in a very fine colander. I don't do it any more. A certain party found they stuck in her throat. Think I might have some explaining to do should she succumb.

The Mung Beans available commercially are mostly the radicle (the first root) rather than the leaves which I prefer; I see you left yours to leaf up Andy. The green part is nutritionally valuable I believe.

So chuffed at this.  Well done Andy!!

Thanks ladies.  I was pretty excited. 

A great interview Andy!! I have noticed that we have had a much larger than normal influx of members since the interview. Obviously a lot were listening to the program.

Andrew Awesome interview well done ! 

Thanks folks.  It's great that people seem to share our passion.  

This was the article that got me interested. I would like to know more about "bath tub" gardening. What is needed for such an endeavor. bed prep. soil, plumbing etc.
I have bath tubs.


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