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Isn't it amazing... a supermarket does a deal with a TV cooking show and promotes themselves on providing supposedly good quality produce for the show. They put up a sign like this in my local supermarket right above rotting onions... Maybe half of the onions on this table were in various stages of rot. Even if you find one which looks good, from my experience, you have a 50-50 chance of cutting it open to find a horrible brown centre. I handed it to the checkout lady and told her that the produce people mustn't be doing a very good job... My brother was in the line a few people behind me and said she threw it in the bin when I had left. No-one cares.

This is on top of my previous complaints about frozen apples, frozen cabbage, and various other flavourless, inedible stuff sold at high prices. Is it any wonder the country doesn't eat enough fruit and vegetables when the places that sell them charge massive amounts for stuff which can hardly be called edible, let alone "superior quality" as they like to call it?


Oh, and I left to go to a local fruit shop to buy some better onions for $2 a kilo less. (The price on the sign in the photo referred to the nuts, not the onion!)


[End rant]

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I agree, it's disgraceful the prices they charge for rubbish.  Good on you for trying to do something about it, although I won't be holding my breath that they care enough to change - to busy to trying to turn a duopoly into a monopoly to care what the little people think.
There may come a time in even a major retailer's life that they wake up to the fact that without their customers, they don't have a business.
Not the Fairfield one... but I'd bet you could find something less than palatable on their produce shelves, too. It probably all comes from the same wholesaler.
Onions have had a tough season across the board.  I've found most onions have had a short shelf-life this past six months.  Agree that their F&V people need to be more attentive, but still, once customers have picked out the prettiest onions, you know those ugly ones are going to be binned.  About one-third wastage is my observation this past season.


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