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Well I don't know about everyone else out there, but I found this summer to be hard to take. I usually am able to cope with hotter conditions by toiling very early and then very late on hot summer days, but his Summer I just about gave up trying to garden. Even getting up early saw me retreat indoors to the airconditioning before long. I lost the 'get up and go' to get out there, and succumbed to a type of Summer hibernation.

I don't usually grow a huge range in summer anyway , but this year I only had real heat loving plants like Eggplant, Ginger, Turmeric, Capsicum, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin on the go. The pumpkins really struggled with the very hot dry conditions and wilted badly most of the day. My watering time was spent mostly trying to keep fruit trees alive. Some other plants struggled through, but generally I deemed that was uneconomical to use a lot of expensive water to merely keep alive plants not suited to the conditions.

I covered up a lot of the above ground containers that grow I in with thick layers of sacking to protect the earthworms, bacteria and fungi, so that they didn't all die out in the heat, and this has seemed to work well, as the cooler weather has revealed soil that is still alive. So now is the time for me to get going again and luckily I don't seem to have lost the enthusiasm to get out here and do it again.

How did everyone else survive the Summer?  



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About the same, Roger.

I got a pitiful harvest from my sweet potato and only 1 potkin pumpkin from the pumpkin patch so even those did not do well for me this year.  Tromboncino's, capsicums and cucumbers were my savers though.  Melons failed big time - only a couple successful rockmelons from one bush and the rest were rubbish.  Lettuces and perpetual spinach did real well in covered wicking beds - all through summer so that might be a trick for next year.  I agree - far too hot!! We are just getting stuck into the really big jobs now.

Struggled along through the summer too, Roger - I covered several beds as well. I will say that did the trick though as, when preparing those beds for autumn planting, I discovered they are full of juicy worms and fungal threads and look like they are raring to go. Very pleased and hopeful...

Yep I felt the same :( Sorry to hear Roger. I left alot go to weeds and have only slowing started getting back into clearing beds. Hopefully good weather coming our way :)



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