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A use for the excess male flowers that you get off Zucchini/Tromonccino plants.  I prefer trombonccino flowers because they are a little bigger.

Male flowers - picked early in the morning and put into a plastic bag in fridge till ready for use (I've found mine last up to 4 days)


* Ricotta cheese (about 50 - 100g depending on how many you are stuffing)

* Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: finely chopped spinach &/or spring onions &/or parsley


  • 1/2 cup of self raising flour
  • Enough soda water (or beer) to make the mix to a runny batter consistency
  • Salt to taste.


Mix all the stuffing ingredients in a bowl and then gently scoop into the zucchini flowers (be careful not to over stuff and leave room at the top to gently twist petals over the cheese mix.

Heat enough oil in a pot that will cover the flowers when you drop them in.

Mix the batter mixture together (I usually just whisk with a fork till smooth)

Dip stuffed flowers into batter mix and gently drop into oil.  Turn after about 1 min (golden brown) and leave for another min and then remove and put onto paper towel. 

Serve by themselves, or with a squeeze of lemon juice or my personal favourite - sweet chilli jam. 


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