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Hi. I am looking to start afresh with my strawberry patch. Any opinions on strawberry varieties for brisbane?  I want something productive and not to prone to diseases. Anyone tried Juliet or Alinta? Alinta is meant to be disease resistant though it comes from Victoria.

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Although I grew up on a strawberry farm, I cannot give good advice on strawberries today.  Our strawberries, when I was young, were sweet and a real treat to eat.  We sold out our weekend pickings, and the rest went to Cottee's jam makers. 

Green Harvest sold me some Redlands Joy and also some Lowanna runners.  They were good strong runners, much thicker than we used to sell.   Redlands Joy had a reputation of being a good strawberry for Brisbane growers, I have just planted them a fortnight ago.   

There are so many to choose from these days, so other members may be able to help you more. 

Many to choose from yes, but the two outstanding local varieties are Redlands Joy and Lowanna. Disease resistance is as much a product of the soil health and aspect as it is of the virtues of the variety. Joy is a softer fruit than Lowanna but even Lowanna is not as hard as the ones available in the shops. Both have good flavour and decent-sized fruit.

I have tried some fancy varieties bought from nurseries - scarlet-flowered for instance. Pretty but tasteless fruit.

It's possible some of the 'ever-bearing' varieties (names have escaped me) would be worth a whirl. It's a matter of opinion, but the 'Alpines' are not worth growing. I found the fruit tiny, soft and spoiled on the plant very easily. Mostly the size just made the plants too fussy for me.

See what Green Harvest have on offer. It could be a little too late to buy now except from nurseries which cater to the not very knowledgable public (nurseries stock what people ask for, not what will do well locally). Meantime there could be some BLFers who have local Strawberry varieties available as runners. Post a note to the 'Buy, Sell Freebies' section of this forum and see what happens.

Try whatever is available and make your own observations. What works for one doesn't always work for another. 

 Commercial strawberries varieties have plant breeder rights there does not look to be a big variety with the plant breeder rights not able to resell or give away the runners so not a good idea to put variety name  if covered by plant breeder rights easy to find  by Internet search  and you never know  if they want an easy target like the video piracy   Dallas Buyers Club "speculative invoicing" 

we have some runners here at the moment that need new homes - they were given to us by someone who had them given to her so no idea of type they are medium sized juicy and sweet - we net for birds - granddaughter eats them faster than we can pick them so they are good eating - never had any problems with diseases - some slug and snail damage but can live with that ... I love Alpine strawberries the taste is awesome - tried the Bunnings pineberry bubbleberry and one other but would rather stick to normal strawberries !   this is my dream for the future PVC Pipe strawberry planters

A snail welcome-mat :-\ Trialling the copper tape to see what happens (or preferably, does not happen). The small exotic snail is agile and voracious and got more of last year's Strawberries than we did.



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