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our few strawberries are producing their far share of fruit at the moment. I covered them with an old fishing net with 10mm mesh.

but some of the strawberries have been getting partially eaten.

it is possible the net hasn’t been put back properly between pickings. 

Ive attached a picture to show the typical damage. Any ideas would be great.



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To what do you refer, Anthony? I cannot see any obvious damage.

It's here Elaine, in the green circle.  It's really hard to see in the photo.

I might need some photography lessons! 

Could be sow bugs/pill bugs/roly pollies.  Not sure what they are commonly known as here but I see plenty around. 

I added another picture of a strawberry that hasn’t been freshly eaten.

might be a silly question but am I stopping any bugs needed for pollination with the mesh covering?


Can you reduce the size of the pix Anthony? Nearly 4 megs is a big download for people with slow connections.

Strawberries need honey bees or native bees for pollination afaik.

Cathie I think you are referring to Slaters. The little greyish beetles that are always present in compost and other organic matter. They break down the organic matter but also eat soft fleshy things like strawberries, from the bottom up usually. I don't know how to deal with them, they have stopped me growing my own strawberries because of the damage they cause. Maybe netting under the berries to separate them from the fruit will work. I'm hoping that someone will know what to do.

That's the little guys Roger. So far my strawberries have escaped so I am enjoying one or two every couple of days at the moment. I don't have many growing.  Mine are not covered. Tony, I would think the netting is only necessary to protect against birds. I could be wrong but I think strawberries might perform better if pollinators can get to the flowers. 

I grow my strawberries in self watering pots on a fence for this very reason. Very annoying to have your strawberries eaten on you


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