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When the plastic bag ban was coming in I collected a few supermarket type bags for the future. But then I've not been using them at all.

Instead I shifted to using Bolsa re-useable produce bags.

Since then I've been very happy  using them for refrigeration and often for bench top storage.

They wash up --and dry -- easily.

For freezing I use ziplock bags of various sizes which once used I wash and use again (and again) until they fall apart.

So long as you make sure to separate the ziplock bags holding meat from those holding vegetables or fruits, the system seems to work.

I freeze a lot of my harvests (and any big buy up) like chilies, sweet peppers and tomatoes. I also make up and freeze leaf coriander blends for long term usage. I also dehydrate pawpaw and  make up 'sundried' tomatoes.

Generally, that means, I hope, that I've greatly reduced wastage.

Any kitchen scraps goes down to the chooks or I bury in the garden beds under my garden 'hats.'

What procedure do other folk follow with their food?

Waste not/Want not.

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Great addition to the site Dave, as we all store our harvests or purchases etc.  As I don't do the shopping, I have no control over the other half and I am grateful that he does it for me.  The plastic bags that the supermarket supplies for veggies are always re-used for veggies again and then lastly for lining small bins etc.

One thing I have re-used many times, is the waxed type plastic that are inside the tall cereal boxes.  They are simply rinsed out and pegged on the line to dry and are great for storing lettuce etc.  When you first open the boxes make sure you use scissors to cut a neat line on top edge (don't tear).  Those  re-usable long plastic clips that you can buy at grocers are great to seal tops of bags, we even use clothes pegs. 

You may laugh, but I re-use plastic food bags to enclose my newly polished silver tea pots etc. for when I store them in the cabinet and they stay shiny and untarnished for ages.  The tall glass coffee jars (Moccona) are great for storing silver cutlery with the lid on.  They also make nice vases to give away with flowers in them.

Cotton tea-towels are used to wrap things when possible in fridge.  Filet crocheted wash-clothes are good for washing up and can be thown in the washing machine for re-use.  We prefer not to use an electric dish-washer.

Dave, you may have started something here!  

One of the 20th century's better products is the green vegetable-keeping bags. They last for months-to-years, can be washed and re-used until they fall to bits. They really do work for drier items.

There's a plethora of Silicone Ziploc bags that are available. They can be thrown in dishwashers as well.

I found them while looking for reusable Sousvide bags but unfortunately they don't make them in a size that will hold a 5kg slab of beef brisket......yet.

I generally try to use lidded plasticware for fridge stuff.  The only problem with plasticware is most of the sets don't stack well into each other and consume cupboard space.

If I have to use alfoil to cover a resting roast, afterwards it is left to dry and used in/as the drip tray of the next oven cooked item. Then that gets balled up and put in recycling which a lot of ppl aren't aware can be done.


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