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Is anyone growing this tree.  Named Phyllanthus distichus, aka Tahitian gooseberry.  The fruit is quite tart but are good in cooking, preserves etc.    The fruits ripen about April to June. It can be a tall tree but I intend to contain it in a pot if possible to about 2 metres. 

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This link on Wiki explains a little more about the tree.

Elaine, Thanks for that,  it seems to produce a good quantity of fruit which is what appealed to me, but just wondering if anyone grew it or has had it fruiting. 

Not heard of it. Panama Berry produces huge quantities of fruit, they are easy to come by and easy to grow.

It's quite an attractive fruiting tree, first time I've heard of it as well.

Haven't heard of this one before. Another one of those useful plants where you can eat the leaves as well.

Daleys sell it HERE (with a bit more information). It's also on the list for TURNERS (GV coming up which is possibly where you found it Christa).

Likes a moist spot to grow. it also fruits during the cooler months which may mean less of a problem with FF.

Rob and Lissa,  It seems to be another fruitful tree and you are right about the Fruit Fly.  It is also sold at a nursery near Ipswich, which may be the wholesaler for some of theses outlets. The site says visits by appointments, not sure what that means.  

Means you need to make an appointment with them before you can visit.

I knew that Elaine, but I thought I would have to be in the retail trade, or a nurseryman. 

Not if it's on their website/sign for general public to see only restriction is to ask first before rocking up.

Might be a good place for another field trip.

we have one here but as usual it only went in a couple of months ago and hasnt borne any fruit yet - they are supposed to be suitable for here - we got ours at Van Veems alos another great nursery worth a visit and the staff are knowledgeable about suitable plants for this area - they wont stock anything that wont grow or fruit in this climate !

This Phyllanthus distichus that I was looking for, seems to be a very similar tree to one I already have, called Amla.  Van Veens have it under another name P. acidus.  This site seems to show a few more varieties.  

The Amla is a lovely looking tree, Mary-Ann,  I have it in a wicking bin but I think it deserves to be in the ground. 

The site I was looking at was Tallegalla Fruit Trees, maybe as Lissa says - a good place for a visit.


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