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It's been years since I did any sprouting. Decades.

Seeing as I have no garden to speak of, but am now settled in one place, I'm keen to create fresh food in whatever way possible.

Suggestions for best kits/methods please. And where do you get your sprouting seeds without blowing the bank for tiny packets?

I've been searching online and the Mr Fothergills kit (Bunnings) looks pretty good, but I'm open to suggestions including jars and were to buy them.

Remember, I'm on Bribie :)

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I've found some "mason" jars from Target for $3 each. Can't beat that. I've ordered some sieve lids from eBay at a very reasonable price.

Sourcing a nice variety of seed at the best price is my main concern now. All suggestions and links to websites welcome.

Green Harvest did have Qld-grown Buckwheat - oh you need to have un-hulled seeds to get them to sprout, btw - snag with GH and many of the online sellers is the postage charges.

Check Woolies/Coles for Sunflower and Buckwheat seeds - actually might be worth it to delve into what they do have at the conventional supermarkets. Amazing what they stock these days.

I've not bought sprouting seeds for a couple of years so am not up to date with who-has-what.

Green Harvest are without doubt a quality source of sprouting seed, but I found them a bit expensive overall.

It will take some time to find my preferred source of seed (I was pretty floored at how expensive sprouting seed is these days) but I have found this place on eBay with free delivery LIVING-APARTMENT and placed an order. 

Any suggestions for sources will always be welcome.

Recall that source, reliable and good quality seeds.

Hi Lissa. I just used any glass jar. I seal the top with a bit of muslin (or any fabric will do) and an elastic band. This make it easy to rinse and as you said store in the fridge when ready. Also, they fit the window sill.  

I have the round trays for sprouting but I find they take too much room and go slimy if you don't watch them closely in this weather. Never had much luck with microgreens so I can't comment. 

Seed collection has lots of really cheap sprouting seeds options. I vaguely remember/heard that no all seeds are created equal and therefore suitable for sprouting but I don't have any source to back this up. 

Thanks Valerie. I will come back and check this supplier thoroughly out once I have gone through the seeds ordered and want some comparison. 

The cloth over the jar top is how I grow my Kombucha. Over the last two years of travelling around I have given away my supply of cotton cloth while setting up kits for other people who expressed an interest when they saw mine. Have you ever tried Chux cloths? I would expect them to do the job and they are much easier to come by than cotton cloth.

LIVING APARTMENT has been in contact and given a link for their actual website. 10% cheaper and bigger range than buying on eBay.
$4.50 a kilo at coles.

don't know how that compares.  Sprouts is one of those things on my list that I never seem to get around to.

Good to know about Gayle. Unfortunately, no Coles on Bribie (yet). I would have to drive to Morayfield.

PS Just tried the link and it doesn't work.


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