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We have this solar hot water system (see photo).

It works really well but because of the state of this roof, we can't get it high enough to get enough pressure to ALL taps. The heat is fine, it gets very hot. You can also run it through your existing hot water thing as a holding container.

It is 1.5 year old and we paid $ 1400 for it. We also have a pump and all the pipes you could wish for to install it at a distance (it's a big house with 7 people).

Contact me if you'd like to discuss any part of this, either info or buying.

Cheers Gabrielle (and Russell will end up doing the technical talking)

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Hi Gabrielle

Would you like me to send this out to all members?

cheers Scarlett

yes! Thanks

ok done :)

What make is this system, where did you get it, do you know a good installer etc?  Tell me everything!


A fellow in Bray Park imports these from China, heres a link to a current one on eBay

He's selling the system in a box for $849. Our price 2nd hand: $700 (already assembled)

I installed it myself, learning through trial and error... read a chronicle of my boo-boos here:

We also have a pile of plumbing which might come in handy; and I now have all the experience of having installed it once semi-successfully.

HWS: $700

plumbing & consultation: negotiable

I MAY be able to help install, but time is short - best to call.

Best thing - call me (Russell) on 0423 860 848 or 3848 3972.


It is a gravity fed evacuated tube system. This means it needs to be installed at least 2m higher than the shower head height. hope this helps....

Well I guess Steve was first and I would have asked all those questions as well, however I would be interested as well to replace my existing gas system and I could probably install it myself.  Just need to know how much.

Cheers. Chris.

Chris see the answer with Steven's question. I am open to who ever wants it.

Hi and thanks for the comprehensive response!  Knock yourself out Chris - I'm not in a position to buy right this second as I've just found out the drainage pipes for my guttering are knackered and in need of replacement.  I'll be looking in the new year so was just generally interested.




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