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I am interested in giving soap making a go and wondered if anyone knew of any Soap Making Classes that are available on the Southside.  I could have a go myself but think it would be a good idea to see it done first hand before experimenting.  Hope someone can help!!

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Hi Shirley
I have no idea how to make soap but I'd like to learn too & I'm also on the southside. If you find out about any classes can you let me know.

Hi Ingrid, I will see if I can find out if there are any held anywhere and will let you know if/when I do. Would really love to give this a go.

I don't know of any on the southside but this one is on the northside You could always ask some of the soap makers at the markets if they could a do a course for you, most of them make it themselves at home.
Thanks Jessica, the website looks good. I am sure there must be someone on the Southside that does classes.
Hi Alison
I have made soap (taught myself from the internet) a few times. It's not very difficult but a little fiddly, and lots of fun. I have everything at my house and I would be more than happy to show what I have learn't .
It may be useful if I make a batch one or two weeks earlier so that you can see the results also.
If you are interested let me know and we can organise a time. Or maybe we could do a group thing if others are interested.
Regards Trinette :-)
ph: 3806 2485
Count me in Trinette - if it is a weekend of course ;) I am happy to put some money in for materials so that we can make some lovely soap to take home!
Trinette, do you make castille soap? I tried to, a few years ago, but just couldn't get the soap to harden..
Hi Addy,
If you mean an olive oil only soap (which is what i see castille as - some ppl seem to think it is castille even if it has only a portion of olive oil) yes my fist batch was a lavender castille - worked out quite well, possibly even my best one.
That sounds really great Trinette, I am sure there would be some others interested, it would be nice to do a group thing. Work out a time that would suit you and we can go from there. Thank you so much. Shirley-Alison
I am excited by the enthusiasm girls, i'll have a think about it - cost, materials and logistics of several batches going at once in my kitchen and i'll let you know. Ooh better have a practice run - sounds like fun :-)
Please count me in too Trinette. Looking forward to it. Cheers Ingrid
If it is as much fun as you say, I will probably end up making it at home with David for presents... so am happy to look out for pots etc at the op shop if you can tell me etc what I need - then I can bring them along to your workshop.


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