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yield: about 2 quarts

This recipe will work with any radish you choose. The result is especially dramatic with red or Watermelon radishes. Daikon radishes also render a lovely ferment, in both taste and texture.

3 pounds radishes, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon unre ned sea salt

1. Combine the radishes and half the salt in a large bowl and massage the mixture well with your hands, then taste. You should be able to taste the salt without it being overwhelming. Add more salt if necessary. The radishes will soon look wet and limp, and liquid will begin to pool.

2. Transfer the radishes, a few handfuls at a time, to a 2-quart jar or a crock, pressing down with your st or a tamper as you work. You should see some brine on top as you press. When you pack the vessel, leave 4 inches of headspace for a crock, or 2 to 3 inches for a jar. Top with a primary follower. Then, for a crock, top the follower with a plate that ts the open- ing of the container and covers as much of the vegetables as possible; then weight down with a sealed water- lled jar. For a jar, use a sealed water-filled jar or ziplock bag as a follower-weight combination.

3. Set aside on a baking sheet to ferment, some- where nearby, out of direct sunlight, and cool, for 5 to 14 days. Check daily to make sure the rad- ishes are submerged, pressing down as needed to bring the brine back to the surface. You may see scum on top; it’s generally harmless, but con- sult the appendix if you’re at all concerned.

4. You can start to test for avor on day 5. You’ll know it’s ready when the radishes have a nice crispy crunch with pleasingly sour notes.

5. Store in jars, with lids tightened, in the fridge, leaving as little headroom as possible, and tamp down under the brine. This ferment will keep, refrigerated, for 6 months.

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