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Simplicity Institute - Free rent on an ecovillage for a year? ( Documentary project)

Peggy has been having some problems posting and has asked me to share the following information with everyone:

Are you a passionate and knowledgeable permaculturalist? Would you
like to live in a developing ecovillage for a year 'rent free' as
part of a documentary project? Do you want to explore a life of
frugal abundance? If so, read on!

Over the last 12 months the Simplicity Institute has been involved
in the development of an ecovillage permaculture farm out near Moe,
Victoria, Australia (about 1 hour 45 mins from Melbourne). To date
the communities involved have built a small Earthship, a beautiful
cob cabin, and last week we made great progress on an earthbag dome
and a pizza oven. There are bees buzzing, beers brewing, water tanks
collecting, and communities forming. We've also planted 40 odd fruit
trees and have established some large vegetable gardens, with more
to come. The 20-acre property has a large dam, a large shed, a large
greenhouse and chicken coop, as well as a more conventional house.

These are early days, but much has been done over the last year with
many more plans and projects in the pipeline. Our primary aim is to
explore what 'one planet' living looks like, to demonstrate it as far
as possible, and to use the property as an education centre and
activist hub to promote pathways to a radically 'simpler way' to
live. We don't want to escape the system; we want to help transform
it. Would you like to be part of this adventure?

The Simplicity Institute has been approached by a documentary
filmmaker and we are now conspiring to turn this project into an
inspiring educational documentary, which records the evolution of
the property in these early stages and demonstrates the nature of a
highly localised, sufficiency-based economy. We are currently seeking
applications from people interested in living out on the property for
one year, starting in January 2015, to be part of this documentary.

We are seeking creative, passionate, good-spirited and knowledgeable
permaculturalists, who are prepared to explore a lifestyle of radical
simplicity and who are committed to making this property and this
documentary project a success. The documentary will be filmed over a
one-year period, with the participants being filmed exploring the
various aspects of 'one planet' living. Among other things, it is
hoped that the documentary will demonstrate organic food production,
renewable energy production, radically reduced energy consumption,
alternative technologies and building methods, composting toilets,
low-tech solar hot water, making and mending rather than buying,
home production, minimizing waste, building community and local
economies, and so forth. We aren't interested in documenting 'light
green' living. We are seeking applications from people interested in
exploring the 'deep green' alternative. If you are ready to challenge
yourself and inspire others, be in touch.

If you're interested in applying, please send a one-page application
to Tell us who youare, why you
want to be involved, the skills you could bring, and anything else
you feel we should know. Applications close 10 November with
interviews and decisions soon thereafter. We're aiming to invite up
to 6-8 people on the property for the year to establish the small
community for this project.

Like all documentaries, this one will require funding. For the rest
of the year, the Simplicity Institute will be donating all proceeds
from the sales of

Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation


Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future

Please support this important project by buying copies of these
books and sharing these links. We can't do this alone. Christmas is
coming up, so perhaps rather than buying junk we could all buy our
families and friends copies of these books to spread the important
messages of simplicity and permaculture while also supporting this
documentary. Thanks for your support.

If you are able to financially support this project in more
significant ways, please be in touch at:


Simon Ussher and Samuel Alexander
Directors of the Simplicity Institute

513 Dana Street
Ballarat Victoria 3350

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Sounds amazing for the young and agile - Ballarat is a favourite town if weather-wise a tad extreme.


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