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Recipe, tried and tested :-) from a local Seniors online newsletter.

750g mixed fruit
600mls chocolate or coffee milk
2 cups SR flour

Soak fruit overnight in milk. Next day, add the flour and bake at 180℃ for 1 hour.

Many variations: 500g fruit with 250g nuts (Maccas are especially nice); other fruit than mixed - dried Apricots for example with Almonds perhaps. We did currants with Macadamias since that's what we had to hand.

You can use the packet milk or make up your own chocolate or coffee milk using real or instant coffee with cows or vegetable milk e.g. home-made almond milk.

Spelt flour, wholemeal or white with 1 tsp Bi-carb and 1 tsp baking powder makes a delicious alternative to wheat flour. We use Spelt almost exclusively - it's about twice the price of wheat flour but since we use very little flour, it's not a wild expense especially given its nutty flavour.

This is the simplest fruit cake ever - and it is delicious, stays moist when wrapped in greaseproof paper and put into a container in the 'fridge.

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I love easy recipes!! This will be the next teatime treat! Thanks...
Will leave this page open - maybe hubby will get the hint... If you use wholemeal wheat flour do you need to increase the liquid or would it be safer to go half white/ half wholemeal? We have had a few problems just swapping white to wholemeal flour in recipes, although will get hubby to try and find some spelt as that sounds nice!
With this particular recipe, there's enough liquid to cover any increase - with other recipes using less liquid then you do need to experiment.

We used 2 cups of wholemeal spelt, which usually uses a tad more liquid than wheat and added 2tsps of baking powder and 2tsps of bi-carb soda. My partner made it and she reports that there was no additional liquid added.

Ah but ... the currents were soaked in water first to wash off the dust so to that extent there was extra water ... because after a half hour of soaking and rinsing, they plumped up a bit and there would have been water on the skins.

I always soak the dried fruit to plump it a bit, I reckon it cooks better and tastes more like the original fruit and as well, the water washes off dust and other bits of debris.

Spelt flour ... now there's a Simply Good at Stafford which is closer to you than Morayfield but hardly on your doorstep! Other than a regular Health Food shop who are never shy at charging, perhaps a bake shop might be closer to you ... I'm thinking of a shop which sells raw material for home baking with a machine.

When you bake this loaf, allow the centre to be a bit more undercooked than you would with a cake with eggs in it. We found it kept really well uncut and wrapped in greaseproof, but the last two slices were starting to dry out a bit. But then we rationed ourselves (not easy!) to one big slice a day so it lasted us 7 days.

Getting back to the liquid, check the batter and if you think it's a bit dry, add some water or milk. A lot of cooking goes with how you feel about an individual recipe and you'll find what works for you soon enough!

Enjoy the cake!
i make this recipe all the time - the only difference is my recipe uses 1 kg of dried fruit - all the other ingredients are the same. I always use wholemeal SR flour and haven't needed to adjust the recipe (it is nice with a packet of glace cherries in it as well - very Christmassy!). It freezes well, too.
I made this and it was just as easy as advertised! Used 100g slivered almonds and a mix of fruit including a packet of glace cherries - the milk was flavoured with whisky... just couldn't imagine coffee or chocolate flavoured fruit cake lol.

It was a bit harder than I expected to mix, and I nearly added more liquid but it worked perfectly without it - so be aware that it is a bit stiff when starting to mix in the flour.
I also tried this with a packet of extra strong coffee milk and a packet of mixed fruit & peel. Nice! No-one eats cake much in our household, so I am going to convert the fruitcake into rum balls!
I wish I had invented this recipe and was now collecting royalties ;-) As it turns out, we don't taste the coffee even though we use 3 shots of espresso and Almond milk. Whatever floats your boat with the ingredients! The crux of the recipe is the overnight soaking in liquid of choice and adding just enough SR flour to bind it together.
Just made some rumballs out of your famous fruitcake, Elaine! Deeelicious ... pulverize some cake with rum and crushed almonds, roll into balls, dip in melted dark chocolate and smother in coconut...
O M G ! Drooooooool ;-)
Lovely! My mum used to make it with pumpkin (without us kids knowing!) and that apparently kept it nice and moist as well. I'll have to try this!


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