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Just thought this would be interest to

most of us, these are all the ones I know of. I'd love to know more closer to home where there's a shop I can visit, or even weekend markets. Please post it here if you know of any not listed :)

Based at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Bamboo, water plants (water chestnuts, Lotus), and Root crops (e.g. Taros, Yams, Cassava, arrowroot etc) I bought most of my OP seeds from them :) <-- this website have disappeared 13/09 There's coconut palms here!

There are a large number of plants classified as 'bush tucker' (Edible Landscapes nursery)

New South Wales (for larger quantities) 




Western Australia

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Replies to This Discussion - try this link Florence.

Duh ... don't know about the 15 minutes left to edit, I responded and decided to look further and figured I could edit my note but I hightlighted some text, hit the delete key and everything disappeared! Perhaps someone with more knowledge of Ning could advise how to actually edit a message!
To edit you have to click back on what you have just typed and it goes a yellow colour and you can edit it - took me ages to figure this out and it was by accident in the end lol!
maybe try clicking again where you want to edit before you hit delete so that all of the text is not highlighted
if something awful like that happens (i hate it when that happens to me!) try hitting CTRL Z to undo - you might get it back
yes - here i am editing. i had to keep clicking until the edit box came up and the cursor was blinking where i wanted it and CTRL Z does work :)
Thank you Scarlett and Donna :-)
you're welcome :)
As it turned out, a couple of times now, I have been able to get the edit yellow-background up just by clicking in the text. Don't know what happened initially but it seems to be simple enough when I hold my mouth right - or it's the right phase of the moon ;-)
That's how you do it!! I've been trying to find the edit link ..... thought it was because the site's a bit skewy on individual computers (it does display differently at different computers and certain functions don't work when the display is skewy)
Finally found contact details for my 'fruit tree man' that I used to get plants from at Beenleigh Markets.

Ron & Gaye's Nursery, we sell at Mt Tamborine School Market on the last Sunday and at Beenleigh Showground markets 1st and 3rd Sundays each month - or Phone 075543 8035 or Mobile 0419 274 316 for appointment at farm. No business between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday as it is God's Holy Sabbath.

July 2007 price list excerpts (obviously would have changed but I always found him VERY reasonable and the pot sizes are good):
Banana - Ducasse from $8
Brazilian Cherry $10
Finger Lime $20
Lemonade $13
Lemons (Eureka, Meyer, Lisbon, Bush) $13
Limes (Kaffir, Tahitian, Indian Sweet) $13
Curry Leaf Tree $6
Custard Apple $21
Paw Paw Red $4
Tamarillo $6
Yacon $6
I am currently after loquat (spelling?) tree.
I am planning to visit the Beenleigh market. Meant to go yesterday, but my foot was still sore from Saturday... will keep an eye out for loquat, although I think this is commonly found in nurseries..
Thanks Florence - I have looked in several nurseries around here and no joy. I saw one at Nambour Garden Expo - regret I did not buy it. :(


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