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I'm on the northside of Brisbane, and have some excess Purple Tomatillo seedlings. I'm interested in finding anyone who's up for an exchange. I drive up to the Sunshine and down to the Gold coast quite regularly so can easily do a roadside plant swap if needed, but would always prefer somewhere closer to home (Warner) 

I've also got some San Marzano and Yellow Currant tomatoes on their way and a bunch of chilli seedlings which could be up for grabs too.

I love chilli and am currantly growing Serrano, Poblano, Jalapeno, Pimenta de Neyde, Berbere Brown and Mirasol. I'm after chilli's from South America usually - Aji Amarillo, Bahamian Goat, cool Habanero's etc but open to anything. Actually I'm open to swapping anything edible. Just wanting to share a bit of love and see what's around.

We love proper Mexican food and it's hard to find the right ingredients over here, so we decided to try and grow them. A Tomatillo is similar to a tomato, but a little more sweet and acidic & less bitter. See another discussion here. You can make sauces (for Enchilida's, Taco's, Mole's etc) or you can eat them fresh in salsa's. A good all-rounder, they're prolific growers BUT you need more than one plant to pollinate, so we'd be giving away 2/3/4 lot bundles. Here's a couple of pics of them...

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Hey how's those Tomatillo and Tomato plants going Lissa? Keeping an eye out for any bugs? Do they have the little latterns/husks going (ie. fruited)?

They do have lanterns coming on and they all look great still. No bugs. I think the ones out the back yard were victim to the larvae of the beetle that were on the Cape Gooseberry (striped beastie that I was calling cucumber beetle). These are just coming into their own now.

Suggestions for using for culinary purposes?

Don't forget your nice new pots are out near the front gate for collection if you're going past. Just make sure you close the gate for the dogs safety.

Great to hear they're coming along well. The leaves will get soft and very droopy when they need a water but otherwise they grow pretty quick hey? And the San Marzano?

Would you use the pots at all? We picked up 100 from a nursery last week so have heaps but if you have no need for them then we'll try and pop by some time.

As for food, here's a few ideas. If you get really keen Google up "Tomatillo Mole" and you'll find some challenging (in the number of ingredients) but really rewarding Mexican dishes. Typically you roast them and then chop/wizz them up and use them like canned tomato's I guess (think dips for corn chips, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, over a cooked steak):

I can certainly reuse the pots. They just looked so new I could tell you had parted with $ for them and might want them back.

I'll have a look at your recipe links next. I'll also add them to Recipes so I can find them easily when I want them.

I'm eating the Nopales pretty regularly, mostly with bacon and eggs but we'll give it a go on pizza at Craig's GV.


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