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Hi. It's been a while since. The last seed swap so I am starting a new thread. Anybody interested in meeting to swap seeds or seedlings over a cuppa? I live in the Gap but happy to travel.
Happy gardening.

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Thanks for everybody's comment. Much appreciated. i am starting a seed swap group. Please only group to list availability. Use this page for comments.

it's possible to start discussions in the group as well, separate to the main comment feed. You might need to write some instructions in the text box at the top of the group to help people stay organised. 

Will there be a Seed and Seedling Swappers Meet this year if so when do you usually have it, how many people do you usually get etc. as I will start some seedlings and cuttings going for it. What type of things are popular? Are Perennial Herbs something people like to get? Also how does this event work, do people actually swap with each other or is that just in name only. Thanks

Dianne, I don't personally know about the workings of Valerie's group.

I can tell you though, that at each GV we have a swap table. 'Swap' as in free rather than a 'this one for that one' direct swap.

Seeds, seedlings, cuttings, excess fruit, veges, eggs, jams. Anything you fancy giving away from your garden; you take anything you fancy from the swap table. No settling-up, no records, just free and easy if you want or not if you don't. Entirely voluntary and free.

People can sell stuff at the GV's as well if they choose. Mostly folk choose to just give it away.

Thanks Lissa and Elaine, I only want to Swap or Give Away, I am not a seller, but I love potting up and sowing seeds and always do far too many. I will bring them along to GV's.

Hi Dianne. We never organised any get-together with this group as the GV are indeed a perfect opportunity to do it. 

I wasn't sure as I read through old Blogs etc and I thought I saw that there was a Seed Swap Event. But I can see that the GV is the best place to do this. I will pot up all of my extra seedlings and bring along to GV's, I won't feel so bad about sowing too many then....


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