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I'd like to plant a good RANGE of different potatoes rather than just one or two varieties. Instead of  purchasing in bulk of any one type I'd like a mix of seed stock -- esp with heritage in mind...

Any suggestions as to source?

GreenHarvest offers bulk buys of each type when I'm after a mix.

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Or just buy different varieties in the shops and wait for them to sprout. A tad late, this time of year though?

GreenHarvest supplies seed spuds from late June....into July.

It may be too far for you to travel but I bought several different varieties of seed potato from  J H Williams in Murwillumbah last month.

Green Harvest seed spuds are now available if you are online active.

Hi Dave I was in bunnings the other day and they did have quite a few types although not cheap. I purchase mine from brookfield produce much cheaper but not heritage type

Hi Dave, if you buy bulk fom green harvest I'd be happy to share. I'm in the Gap. I am particularly interested in kipfler and pink fir but will consider other unusual types. Also happy to share bulk buy of potato planter bags.

Sorry I got the 4 pack special from GH and have already planted my needs and given away/promised the rest.

4 Pack Potato Special
Not to Norfolk Island, SA, TAS or WA
Buy 1 kg each of seed potatoes DesireeDutch CreamNicola and Ruby Louand receive Free a Harvest Storage Bag.
Each 1 kg pack contains on average 11 - 13 seed potatoes

GP146 Potatoes 4kgDes,Dut,Nic,Rub+HarvestBag $35.80

Kipfler are often seen at specialty greengrocers, they will grow from bought tubers.

Some Woolworths stores sell Kipfler...They're not my fav.

As you suggested, Elaine, I'm ALSO  'seeding' spuds bought as food...

[Although I've gone ahead and planted seed potatoes from GH.I'm delighted with what I got from that source. Their supplier has been doing seed spuds for over 100 years. ]

Hi Valerie you mentioned potatoe planter bags' well I hope this is not useless imformation but have you ever tried chook pellet bags my potatoes are going gangbusters not taking anything away from  Ibeleive the jute or hessian type

Drove past the nursery on the Deception Bay road the other day (on the left when heading for the highway from D Bay - don't know it's name) and they had a "seed potato for sale" sign out.

That would be Rothwell Produce, corner Morris Road and DBay Road. They do sell seed potatoes by the kilo, usually Sebago or a common variety.


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