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It is often said “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, we sure could learn a lot from 6,500+ photos that are uploaded so far by our members. Not to mention there are often discussions on these photos with some valuable information.

Some of you may know that I’ve been adding tags retrospectively to forums, blogs, and photos, I’m not anywhere near finishing yet, but there’s enough there to return some meaningful results now. So I thought it’s time I should share some hints and tips about searches.

One question that comes up regularly although infrequent is what we can grow and when. One thing that we can do is trend through all the blogs, and read everyone’s experiences. Another, for those of us who are more visual is doing an image search.

I have added in the keyword “harvest”, and the month in three letter abbreviations (e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar etc) to pictures that are related to harvest. So to work out what you can plant now:-
Search ‘harvest’ and:-

• Count backward for approximately 2 months for greens, 3 months for immature fruits (cucumber, peas, beans etc), 4 months for mature fruits (big tomatoes, pumpkins etc), shorter if plant from seedlings.
• For example, I want to get some ideas on what I can plant now, I can search for Jun, Jul, and Aug.

Another common question is what fruit trees can we grow in Brisbane? Other than see what fruits people harvest, you can also search for “fruit tree” and see what fruit trees others planted.

The list of keywords I’ve added to tags:-
• Community garden
• Harvest
• Propagation
• Trellis
• Veggie patch
• Veggie bed
• Flower
• Wicking bed
• Aquaponic
• fruit tree
• container

Feel free to ask if you have any problems doing searches, or there’s other tags that I should add.
Cheers ~

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How to search pictures:-

1. Click on the word "PHOTOS" in the top banner.

2. In the text box under "all photos", type in your search word/phrase.

3. In the following example, I've search for May harvest photos.

Oh, I forgot to add, I've just started adding the following tags too:-

  • animal
  • insect
  • birds

Brilliant job Florence :D

Just got to remember to add the tags! I know I sometimes forget. Need to remember to add the harvest - date tag in particular.

We need this stuck to the front page.

Great idea! I must remember to tag my photos.

Any chance that some sorting and filtering options can be added to the search results?

I often get pages and pages of results in no particular order. Just being able to sort in order of "Most recent" or "Oldest" would be a huge help, as I'm often searching for something I remember seeing a few months ago.

Thanks Jan, you can sort by "latest", "most popular", or "random".  Select using the drop down menu on the right to the search text box.

Good lord. 6586 photos!

Thanks Florence, but I was referring more to general search results, not just the photos. 

I haven't been able to find a way to sort the results for discussions.

Yes, the results from discussion search is confusing, and there's no sorting options either under the general discussion search. 

Only thing I could suggest is go into the categories by clicking on "Forum" on the banner, then select a category (e.g.  Exploring the field together - Q&A), then you'll see an option for 'sort'.

You can select to sort by:-

  • Latest Activity
  • Newest Discussions
  • Most Popular

Although I don't understand why no matter which sort option I selected, it appears to display the discussion replies as heading, and the discussion topic is in small font underneath the bolded and sometimes truncated replies...

I'll look more into ning search when I get around to it.... 

Okay.... I know I was naughty (again).  I've also added a "Site tips" window on the front page.  Can you let me know in this thread if you think we need other tips added or if that window should be deleted.  

(Sorry Florence - it was too good a thread to let pass.  I've also featured the thread.)

Love it. Great idea.


Important note about adding photos:

Always add photos using the "From my computer" option, even if you are on a mobile phone or other device.


  • Add Photos
  • View All


  • Add Videos
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