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We have drones in my 'hood...they don't kill you, but they take snazzy pics. Here's a section I snaffled from a larger pic that features the school garden. Top left of the pic is where we'll be renovating the 'Bush Tucker' garden. All very formal beds.Not my style. But the long bluish thing at the bottom of the garden patch (in the shade) is a huge shade tunnel -- real horticulture industry standard. It runs the width of the garden and is as  tall as a family garage.

Our starting point with the renovations was high capital but massive neglect. Our chooks arrive over the next few weeks.We got a second hand pen off Gumtree. And the mosaic-in program  is underway already.The pavers are to mosaiced with a butterfly --esp Richmond Birdwing -- theme. we already have bird bath decoarted for primary placement.We're gonna introduce milk crate beds into (and out of) the shade tunnel and we've just begun to seriously set up our seed raising protocols. We're supplying local cafes with produce and the school tuck shop. Slowly the school is engineering a cooking program...out of the tuck shop. We're beginning to have special days: the salad sandwich day...and coming up, the fritter day. A friend is set to make the scarecrows with the kids. I'm hoping we can build a insect hotel and get native stingless bees in.In the garden is a pump that taps the aquifers (we're on sand, an island really of sand) but we've still got to repair or replace it. Otherwise we've been using the school's rain tank water.Shacde cloth runs along the tennis court fence(that's the orange colour). While we've trucked in purchased soil we've found local composts on school brounds (as wood chipper folk donate the mulches to the school)and have begun our own composting. The volunteer skillset is awesome and a lot of experience in gardening and horticulture is being exploited.

The 'community' garden thing is a conundrum on school property and outside school hours but what we're discussing the options of open garden days, maybe with workshops, and ongoing use of the shade tunnel to grow seedlings for local community use. That way we won't need to have a lot of too-ing and fro-ing or access issues  -- and all the cumbersome  Blue Card thing -- while still being a collective community resource, hub and flocus.

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