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  • rosellas- 2/3 fill your largest stainless steel saucepan or boiler
  • sugar -1 kilo per litre strained juice
  • lemons -3 per litre cordial (approx)
  • citric acid -1 tablespoon per 1½ litres cordial


Preparation:15min  ›  Cook:15min  ›  Ready in:30min 

  1. Harvest a large quantity of rosellas, to fill your biggest stainless steel saucepan about two-thirds full. Wash well. Cover the fruit, seeds and all, with water and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until soft, and the red colour has faded from the calyx. Strain through a sieve, throw away the fruit and measure the liquid.
  2. Add the liquid back to the saucepan and add a cup of sugar to every cup of liquid (1 litre of juice = 1 kilo of sugar). Heat gently until all the sugar is dissolved, stirring often. Once the sugar is dissolved bring to the boil for one minute.
  3. Take off the heat; add the strained juice of lemons (depending on availability and to taste, approximately 9 lemons to 3 litres of cordial) then stir in citric acid. Bring back very briefly to the boil. Bottle into clean, dry bottles and seal while still hot.

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That's why people go crazy over Thermomix - the machine that cooks and stirs all by itself. :-)

Enough capacity to make a batch of jam/sauce/chutney? Aren't they fearsomely expensive - like hundreds of $s?

More like thousands, Elaine! (which is why ownership of such a thing shall remain a dream forever more, for me!)

Sounds like the thing I need Jodie, but loathe to get yet another piece of electric equipment that takes up space on my benchtop and rarely gets used.

I really need to clean out my kitchen cupboards and have a good toss out but for some reason the job just doesn't hold much appeal lol. I can always find something more fun to do!

Depends on what the failure was. To jell? Then not enough pectin or cooked long enough. What else … burned? If a jam doesn't jell and you don't want to add or cannot get 'Jamsetta' then just reduce it until it's the right consistency for your needs. Sauces are very handy things ;-) a solution to many a non-jelling issue without adding any sugar or anything else. Maybe the purist blench but not this jam-maker :-)

I reckon I'd go with a Rosella liquor.  

Mmmm! Lilly Pilly in full bloom for first time - if it gets enough fruit to be useful … Lilly Pilly jelly is to die for.

Rozie's little fella has something on it that I think will be flowers.  I reckon I might get 4 berries.  LOL. 

I'm enjoying making seasonal liquors as much (or maybe more) than jams at the moment.  That's probably only because I have a pantry full of jam.  (I might have got carried away at one stage?!)

I think I prefer my rosella cordial to jam.  I like it just with some tonic water otherwise it's still too sweet.  It keeps forever too (if you don't manage to drink it all).

Think I'll stick with the cordial myself Vanessa. I have a fridge full of jam and to be honest I just don't eat that much of it.

Just made a batch worked perfectly like an awesome intense ribena -thanks for the recip[e

Glad you had success with it Marcus :)

The last batch I made, the rosellas had scale insects inside the head and I obviously didn't manage to wash them all out successfully. The whole batch tasted like insect :( and I threw it.


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