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  • rosellas- 2/3 fill your largest stainless steel saucepan or boiler
  • sugar -1 kilo per litre strained juice
  • lemons -3 per litre cordial (approx)
  • citric acid -1 tablespoon per 1½ litres cordial


Preparation:15min  ›  Cook:15min  ›  Ready in:30min 

  1. Harvest a large quantity of rosellas, to fill your biggest stainless steel saucepan about two-thirds full. Wash well. Cover the fruit, seeds and all, with water and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until soft, and the red colour has faded from the calyx. Strain through a sieve, throw away the fruit and measure the liquid.
  2. Add the liquid back to the saucepan and add a cup of sugar to every cup of liquid (1 litre of juice = 1 kilo of sugar). Heat gently until all the sugar is dissolved, stirring often. Once the sugar is dissolved bring to the boil for one minute.
  3. Take off the heat; add the strained juice of lemons (depending on availability and to taste, approximately 9 lemons to 3 litres of cordial) then stir in citric acid. Bring back very briefly to the boil. Bottle into clean, dry bottles and seal while still hot.

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Made some this morning and have been drinking it all day. It's now dinner time so there's a little vodka added to make it adult!

I didn't add so much sugar so it's got a nice tart quality that I like.

Ooh, I'd probably go with white rum and soda rather than vodka, but otherwise it sounds fabulous! The option to add less sugar is the only reason I bother with my own softdrinks (I've just bottled a batch of elderflower fizz). I guess also the occasional surfeit of things that make a good cordial, like lilly pillies. Or to show off in front of friends. Or because I have study to do and I'm procrastinating.

So, any excuse really.

I like your honesty Rob :) Sometimes we need to be distracted from tasks for a mental breather and creating nice stuff from our home produce is a happy way to go.

I've been meaning to get a soda syphon for years. Might try a bottle of white rum when the vodka runs out ;)

I have a sodastream and I would highly recommend it. It's a great way to avoid lugging plastic bottles back and forth from the shops. Just make sure you get the model with the glass bottles and then get a spare. Of course there was recently a call to boycott Sodastream because they are an Israeli company that has built factories in the settlements, but one has to make up one's own mind about that.

I saw a little bit about Scarlett J on TV the other day re promoting sodastream. Didn't know the background info.

I don't drink softdrink, really not good for you in so many ways, and have often wondered about the soda made by the SStream. Too much salt in the commercial stuff too.

Eek! I didn't know they put salt in there. I don't do commercial soft drink either, as I can't handle the sugar. I do love a squeeze of lemon and a couple of drops of bitters in soda water, though. All you're getting with a sodastream is water with carbon dioxide in it. I haven't bought their syrups, but they're basically just cordial, I believe.

Looks good.  The soda stream carbonated water is dead safe.  I use filtered water and add no sugar nor salt. 

Sounds like the deal for me. I just can't hack the salt in the commercial soda waters.

Add a little clove and cinnamon - not too much!


I will use the last of my Rosellas to make more cordial and follow your suggestion. I have managed to ruin two batches of jam :/ and will not attempt again until I get this little recipe book I've ordered. I think walking away and just neglecting it while it cooks isn't working for me lol.

You cannot leave jam to cook by itself!

Could have something to do with my failures do you think!


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