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Thought this might interest some folks. Instead of sending out these kinds of waste to the yellow recycle bin's at the kerbside [which i dont think get recycled half the time] ?? Atleast you know these guys can reuse this waste and turn them into something good!

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One of our potential projects to donate the BLF profits was doing a similar thing.  Madeforwards by Rob. 

o really - madeforward - opps can you tell i didnt read his very lengthy article. well than, it would be VERY WORTH WILD, IF HE CAN GET HIS IDEA UP AND RUNNING! 

Ive been watching terracycle for a few months now and they have been going great guns...i like how its free to send in things.... The only thing that would let them down, is how pricey their finished products are compared to how cheap those things are, else where. etc.

Both very worthy.

I can't get my head around some of the catch phrases being bandied about at the moment. They don't make a lot of sense unless you hang out with a select set of people who apparently speak the same language.

So long as we are using waste to make wonderful new stuff, I'm a happy boy. 

me too! well happy girl lol. 

The more im starting to read lately, the more i am seeing so much going on for the better. Compared to a couple of years ago, when most of these ideas, were just ideas been bounced around on paper ... so its really nice that this ideas are becoming a reality! lets hope they keep growing in awareness and moving forward in change and lets hope they don't fizz out! 

found another great idea! ...I REALLY LIKE THIS GREAT IDEA!! OR

Photo: What do you think of this reverse vending machine in Norway? Just put in your empty drink containers and get cash back. Boasting a 93% redemption rate as of 2005 and a beer bottle deposit that goes way back to 1903, Norway has a very interesting refund system, including 2 different deposits depending on container size (larger containers = large deposit). They also have an excise tax on drink containers which decreases as the redemption rate goes up, meaning that 90% returns for cans translates into a 90% discount on the excise tax. This allows drink products to be sold at lower prices, so everyone wins. It's time to have RVMs in 1,600 location across Australia, as the Boomerang Alliance model proposes! The reverse vending machine pictured here is made by Tomra Systems ASA, who have been a very positive force behind container deposit legislation in many countries. Proof that environmental protection is smart for business! Two Hands Project Take 3 Responsible Runners Kicking the Can Clean Up Australia (official) Tangaroa Blue

......Why is Australia so slow to move/act with such brilliant ideas and common sense, when it comes to the environment ? quick to slam us with a tax tho! Grrrr 

[i mean ive lived in oz, for, lost count but i think for over 15 years and only in the last year, that ive seen actually recycle bins for patrons to use at K.F.C, one for paper/plastic/cans and the other for general food waste....these kinds of bins have been sit up in K.F.C and McDonalds restaurants, over 17 years ago in New Zealand, i would hope they are still operating in nz! as its been over 6 years since ive gone back to nz but these kinds of bins should be set up in ALL fast food restaurants and all council bins!!, as they have huge amounts of waste, that can be recycled daily!  ]... anyway - end of rant!  lol sorry for the rant....

They are set up in a lot of places now, Queen street mall, shopping centres etc..  but I think more education is needed... some people just chuck general rubbish into recycle bins... and then there's some things with food scraps on them should really be going into the general bin as well...

very true florence! but those are new to only a few area's....would be grand to have them compulsory EVEN better would be the above idea, because everyone would do the right thing, if they were paid to do it! 

They would be more likely to do the right thing with a monetary reward attached to it. There are some who do it for the good of mankind/society/the world! but for the ones who can't make the effort for those reasons, money is a good incentive.

When we were kids we used to pick up drink bottles where ever we found them and returned them for the 5c refund. Kept us kids busy and meant there wasn't rubbish and broken glass all over. Now I find broken glass all over the beach at Bribie. Collect it each time I go there.


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