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What are te best types of raspberries to plant here? I know Elaine and Susan have had some success with Heritage. Susan did you like Williamette as well? And where was the best place to source them? Would love to set up a bramble patch :) cheers

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Sophie of the 3 varieties I have grown, Heritage is the standout for me. It has the advantage of fruiting on 1 year wood meaning that you can clear-fell after the crop and the new canes will produce fruit. Not having to distinguish between 1 yr and 2 yr canes simplifies end-of-crop maintenance.

Heritage is growing in a 100L wicking bin. In hindsight, this is not enough space and the plant is well and truly cramped. I am thinking seriously of shifting it into a 200L bin for more surface area and depth of mix. But that won't happen until this crop is finished. I found too that while the fruit has a good flavour that it seems I did not give it enough nutrients and the fruit is quite small. Although don't expect the size of the commercial fruit - I don't know what they do to the plants nor do I know what variety they are. The commercial fruit comes mostly from Victoria so the varieties will be different to what we can grow here anyway.

I just bought mine from Bunnings.

Heritage is supposed to be a mid season, low chill, thorny cane variety, that fruits around February for 8 to 12 weeks.  Is that right? 

I have one in a bucket sized pot and I will put it in a larger pot.  When do you cut the canes down?   Can you replant the cuttings?


The Heritage here has been fruiting since late February and are starting to run out. Going on what I have observed Christa, your plant will appreciate a much bigger pot. In the 100L pot my plant is cramped for space.

Cut the canes down when fruiting has finished. Or at any other time you find it convenient. Pruning is done when the pruner gets around to it. I'm cutting mine down soon as I get there, it's a spiky plant (although the native one I grew was far spikier and more aggressive) so gloves and a wheelie bin are needed for blood-free pruning. I can't see me feeding those canes into my small mulcher so regretfully the canes will be sent to landfill.

Not ever having tried to make another plant from the cuttings, I just don't know what is possible. Give it a whirl! Nothing to lose.

Thanks Elaine for info, I looked to see how to improve quantity of raspberry crop, and found Jerry C-W has some notes HERE  allowing about 15-20 plants per person?

Good luck Sophie with your Bramble Patch. 

Good info Christa, thanks! You'd have to move out if you had 15 plants per person! I have 1 plant and it gives us a few berries every second day. Following his care plan I expect to get better fruiting next year.

Heritage makes fruit on new canes so clear-fell, fertilise and expect fruit on the new canes. He mentions removing excess canes and that's what I didn't do. On reflection, when the fruit starts to form, I plan to remove all the canes that come up after that. Similar to removing the laterals on Tomatoes to allow for less but bigger fruit.

If you have space for a trellis that would be good but I don't. So following Tino's recommendation to plait the stems, I improvised and added an in-bin set of uprights and made a trellis of sorts from string. It holds up the stems from bending over and contaminating the fruit with splashes from the soil when it rains.

Hi Sophie.  I have the heritage which is starting to fruit now.  Like Elaine, mine are growing in wicking barrel and seem to like it.   Dont get very many but must admit i havent really looked after them - i will start to focus on them soon.  They need afternoon shade.  Mine are grown on the south side of the house protected by the bamboo in the afternoon.  I also have another variety that might be williamette growing in the ground (completely neglected) that fruits at another time of year.  You are welcome to dig up a runner if you want at the GV.  I think i bought both of mine at bunnings

Thanks that's great everyone, yes I thought it was Heritage. Susan I would love some suckers if you think they would take. I did not have any luck with Rob's Native raspberries suckers but that is another kind altogether. looking fwd to it



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