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1. has anyone grown pitpit and how did you contain it

2. anyone else have trouble with banana passionfruit - hundreds of flowers no fruit even hand pollinated no sucess

3. anyone grown salisfy and is it worth growing
4. anyone else having trouble getting parsnips turnips swedes etc to germinate ( both bought and saved seeds )
5. any natural ways other than barriers ( nets etc) to trap or deter grasshoppers?

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Pit Pit - this rings a bell. Is it a small plant with an even smaller part used for salads - the swollen stem of the leaf? If it is then some of us did grow it but figured there was so little useable of the plant that it wasn't worth the garden space. Search BLF for pit pit and see some pix to check if we are talking about the same plant.

Banana Passionfruit: like any plant with fruit, excess nitrogen gives lots of leaves. No personal experience here, someone is bound to have grown it though.

Salsify: Lissa can tell you more but it's one of the roots like those you mention in Q4 which prefer more cool than we have here. As well I read that seed viability is low unless the seeds are really fresh.

Grasshoppers: usually attracted to plants not doing well e.g. like my Figs which are going into dormancy now. Jazz up the soil which takes some time although you can add root microbes and rock dust which should help. If it's plants nearing the end of their lives then it's a natural process and apart from a barrier or you patrolling with tool in hand to despatch the 'hoppers, cannot suggest any other ideas.

It's chilly and with 25mm of rain so far the Dragon Fruit won't be keen. Last winter with the cold and wet, both plants developed a yellow fungus in blobs on the stems. Pruning and a liberal dose of Biodynamic Tree Paste stopped that and the plants fruited well.

Mary-Ann, our neighbours grew banana passionfruit up the side of their patio and heaps of flowers and no fruit.  I've never tried salsify,  Do your chooks eat grasshoppers, some gardeners say to catch them boil them in water and tip the water over the affected plants.  Our dogs eat grasshoppers when they can catch them and hang on to them.  I think Lissa had a go at growing Pitpit.   The root plants do like cold weather and also a good frost makes them taste better.

I did grow Pitpit (it's back in my blogs - a search brings up info). Growth wasn't rampant but I didn't find there was enough useful edible material once a year from the plant to warrant keeping it.

I did try growing Salsify at one point but without much success. A search on the site brings up some info.

Decapitate (with secateurs) the big breeding hoppers and that will stop a lot of the babies being created.


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