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Finally managed to buy some rough pineapples with their tops on, at the local grocer. He sell his goods and will put a sign on his fruit etc as to where it comes from, e.g. Bundaberg tomatoes, N.Q. rockmelon. 

Now I have to eat the pines and then plant the tops.  I have just pulled back the leaves and stuck them in the ground?

How is everyone going with their pines, there are quite a few varieties available now.

ROUGH with prickly leaves, a Queensland pine, firm yellow flesh, a favourite for fanciers.

GOLD originally from Hawaii, is low acid and has a sweet aroma.

JUBILEE, bred in Australia. It is high in Vit C and also anti-oxcidants than other varieties.  

FESTIVAL the latest type, is a larger pine, with a pina colada and coconut aroma. 

SMOOTH- A cayenne type, higher in acid in winter, sharper taste.

Here is a link for different times of fruiting etc. 

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never thought of pineapple seed ! what fun to see what happnes did Rob grow his seeds ! 

A whole lifetime of Pineapple-eating and nary a seed!

The seeds in pineapples are undesirable for eating if you grow different varieties  and flower at the same time cross pollinate and form seeds  seems that cell culture and seed are very slow to fruit .When you grow from seed seems like a lot are failures and few successful.

The Gold variety grows up Yepoon Way. The Australian Jubilee is the Super Pine, not sure where it grows, maybe near Gympie. The smooth is the common one.  The EKKA has a good display of the different pines.

Mary-Ann are all the pineapple farms gone from your area. Maybe check with Rocklea markets.

just one or two left but they are commercial growers so go for the fruit that is marketable - will ask Steven - the one pineapple farm  left on Samsonvale road at our school reunion tomorrow 



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