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Reading a list mail about Squirrels in the US and deterring them from raiding the garden. Possums are just about as agile and while I have them around here - hear the boys swearing at each other - so far (fingers crossed) I've not had any hassles with them in the yard.

Anyway for what it's worth, quote from the post:

"Any way, we've tried oodles of things from Vaselining the posts, putting
out trays just for them, to cayenne peppering everything (our squirrels
must be Cajun). Mary Fran saw on the computer that a guy had stymied them
with a Slinky over the post. When the squirrel reached the slinky it did
what slinkys do. It 'opened up' and took the squirrel back down to the
ground. Over and over again, and the squirrel got real pissy because it's
tail was moving around like mad."

Worth a whirl perhaps.

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Interesting. But where to buy a Slinky these days?

No idea! The post was from today in the U.S. so I guessed that Slinkys were still available. What works for squirrels might not work for possums :-(

I use a "loose fence" to keep them out - a fence that moves as the Possum tries to climb it. So it is not fixed to star pickets, although they can form the fence at its corners, as long as the mesh is not tied to it. Possums don't like climbing fences like this. They like climbing over a strong rigid fence.

I have heard that if you staple some chicken wire to the top of the fence (sticking up) they won't walk on it because it wobbles. Mike reminded me that we tried that once and they trampled it down until it was solid enough to walk on! We have herds of possums here.

Has anyone tried the "dead teddies" option yet? Second hand stuffed toys with big eyes/

I read once that clothing that was sprayed with something repelled them. Forgotten what the spray was. You leave the clothing laying about the garden.

You could try tea bag spray with Lapsang Souchong  and spray affected plant every 2 weeks, rain may wash it off.  It would work with strawberries or small plants.

I was told that the stuff which is put into urinals would deter them. Nope. Exclusion is the only thing that works for me. I use orchard tree netting draped over a pole at every corner and weighed down with rocks, the occasional little bird finds its way in, but no possums in the last year. A bit inconvenient, but better than finding everything decimated. Mine even eat rhubarb leaves, which I fervently hope gives them a stomach ache.

Possums use the power lines to travel  if this was stopped there would be less movement .

We have a mother possum living in our staghorn at the moment since the neighbours  chopped their big 40yr old callistemon tree next door.  The baby possum falls out onto the ground when the mother possum moves or when I hose the ferns.  The dogs can smell them, but possie is happy to stay there.

Sorry, I have two ways to keep possums out.Solid barriers, wood and mesh and the previously mentioned floppy fences.

If you look closely you will be able to see the floppy fence that exists just outside the concrete blocks. It extends up around 3 feet and keeps out the possums.

Hi everyone,now everyone will think I am mad but apparently this method is quite successful.All you need is one dead possum and hang it up where your other possums gather at night.They are hugely territorial and wont like their new friend hanging around.Look out for road kill .A friend from bogi told me about this

Our possum who lives in our shed ate my biggest sour sop fruit last week and enjoy a number of other fruits it finds in my garden.  I expect that I will loose a certain percentage to him for his dinner.  At the moment he is loving the fruit from the quava tree which lives in our chicken enclosure.  This sacrifice of fruit to such a lovely critter is acceptable by me however I do keep a vigilant eye out for when fruit are coming ripe and pick them a little early so I get to eat them. 

Of course I don't have as many lovely plants to loose as you all do with your beautiful gardens and I do have a tall fence around my kitchen veggie garden.


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