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Hi all,

Does anyone know what this is? Is it edible? Is it related to elderflower? It's a small shrub, looking quite a bit like elderflower, but obviously not that.

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I did wonder if I should put more effort into finding a flavoursome strain, rather than just grabbing the first one I found. Having said that, the leaves I picked smell stronger than the shop-bought ones my neighbour had.

Looks like Curry Leaf to me, mine is exactly the same. I also grow mine in a pot and it is very easy to keep at a good height. Also it doesn't mind drying out from time to time, but keep it well mulched. They are very nice in a curry and also shallow fried till crisp and broken up or left whole over curry.

I mistakenly bought a herb 'curry plant' which on reading the fine print on the label says it is not a cooking herb. Who-knows-why they are called 'curry' and why anyone bothers to grow them.

I'd love a proper curry tree. Have plenty of pots! Anyone with a cutting or a rooted plant to spare?

I have plenty of seeds at the moment, and I'm growing one from a cutting and some from seed. If no one else can help out, I'll let you know when they come up.

Thank you to the members who brought curry leaf cuttings to Dave's GV. The pong of those leaves, leaves me without enthusiasm to grow the plant.

You have to smell them when they've been fried in oil, Elaine. They're a different beast altogether, and very fragrant.

As photos attached Weed identification help please north Brisbane.

It's spreading and out competing grass can get up to a meter tall seems to have shallow roots and creeps to some extent. Have some growing near a plumbago and when full grown has a similar appearance but obviously not that. Where it's growing near buffalo Yates weed and feed didn't touch it although other weeds turned black.

Any help appreciated

Mm...don't seem to have attached photos?

Morning Ann :)

Your photo is attached. I personally have no idea what the plant is but someone else might be able to help.

Might be a good idea to start your own conversation about your particular weed problem. What has happened here is that you are tagged in at the end of Rob's conversation about his plant.

Go to Forum (top menu), Exploring the Field, + Add (top right).

Another way to add photos so members can see them immediately rather than click on a link is to use the Image tool second in (looks like a photo frame) in the menu at the top of every message box. Says "Image" when you hover your cursor over it.

And at over 3 megs is slow to download for many people. With my data restriction atm, I'm not downloading the photo at all. Ann if you can, reduce the size of the pic to 100-400kbs.

Thanks will try the other way & resize

I too was put off by the smell - a bit like lantana - but now use in lots of dishes as well as curries.  Now one of my favorites I even enjoy eating the  raw new leaves when out in the garden. I like the fruit though do not eat the seeds and always make sure that if not eaten all the fruit is cut off to prevent birds eating and spreading into the bush.   I too grow in a pot  to prevent suckering and cut back in winter to keep at around 2 metres.   Used traditionally to regulate blood sugar and treat diabetes - current research upholds this traditional use. More links to articles  re medicinal uses available on pubmed.


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