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This plant is one recommended during a garden training day with Elizabeth Fekonia a couple of weeks back. I would like to get hold of some if anyone eventually has any to spare:


More info:

It is grown from cuttings of the stalks. In fertile soil, cut plants
will re-shoot from the base. The cuttings need adequate moisture at
planting. Cuttings about 30 cm long are used. To avoid cuttings
drying out they need to be planted soon after cutting.

Coastal pitpit stalks can be planted at any time of the year. It
takes 6-9 months from planting till a crop is ready to harvest. But
the time of flowering is coastal pitpit is controlled by the sun.
Early in the year about February to March most plants develop a
thickened clump of leaves at the top. When these are broken off and
opened by removing the outside leaves the very fine yellow unopened
flower is seen. It is this flower which is eaten.


Edible Saccharums
Saccharum barberi Jeswiet Indian cane
Saccharum edule Hasskarl Long pitpit
Saccharum officinarum L. Sugarcane, Noble canes
Saccharum robustum Jeswict.
Saccharum sinense Roxb.
Saccharum spontaneum L. Wild pitpit


There seems to be a link to sugar cane smut problems in Qld (it's a cane relative) so I'm making some enquiries as to restrictions and maybe sources for purchase.


Ready to give up on the Pitpit plant. Plants are preparing to flower again, which is the cue to crop. The only edible bit I can find is about 3cm long between the nodes below the flowering bit. Not enough reward for growing these big clumps all year long.

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The one at the back right is the plant given to me by Scarlett, I have only had it for a month or so.

Yay, the photo decided to work - it is the one at the back on the right hand side. Planted it where I had forgotten that there was tumeric and ginger, woops lol.

I have only had it for about a month but it looks to be growing well. Happy to share bits as it grows, the more people that I know have it the less stress I have in case I manage to kill mine - then I can always get a bit back hopefully. That's my theory anyway lol, Lissa gets first dibs though.
Good news, you may not have to butcher your clump Donna - the Yandina Community Gardens have quite a bit apparently - they're willing to sell me a clump or I can wait a bit longer until they propogate some more. Most of their plants are $2 each!! or $1 each if you buy 12!!

Couldn't be any more economical. Who would like some?
At that price and after the rave I've heard I could probably go another one or two... did you ask how big they grow?
1m at the most apparently. I've let them know we could be interested in quite a few (I want to plant them all along my front fence line).
Me! Me! :-) How much crop do you get from each plant over what period? I'm totally confused about this plant ... if say I had 3 plants, would I get some picking at different times of the year or would they all become pickable at once?
Don't know much myself Eleine :S but from what I've heard so far there could be one main cropping period - whether this is over a few weeks or a season I'm not sure yet. All conjecture.
sorry typo Elaine
Lissa we have rooted Pit Pit plants cost $2 00 each and live at Pimpama I did Elisabeth's cooking course with Scarlett and agree with her the dish we cooked was delicious. Margaret Brian Bielby.
Hi Margaret and Brian - good to hear from you :D
I'm already in negotiations with the community garden, but people on the southside may wish to take advantage of your offer. If the gardens don't come good I'll get back to you Margaret, thank you.
I have plants to share at $1 each from the Yandina Community Gardens. One pot has four plants in it and is $4.

If I can have some idea of how many people want please?

Linda is emailing me some more information on them, but she reckons you can pretty much eat it all year round.


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